Netflix Wii Disc Won’t Work After February 16

If anyone is still using a disc to stream movies to your television from your Wii you won’t be able use it much longer. Netflix has announced via email that on February 16 the Wii disc will no longer work. Don’t panic though, all you need to do is head over to do Wii Shop Channel and download the free Netflix Channel. Now your streaming directly from your Wii.

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SonyNGP2833d ago

Why? You need to pay to use it!

saoco2832d ago

the ps3 is the center of my home entertainment

MasterChief36242832d ago

Exactly lol. That's ridiculous... How can they even let Microsoft do such business practices when the PS3 and Wii both don't need you to pay?

I don't quite understand why anyone would continue to use the Wii disc... I thought the word had spread already that it's no longer necessary, and really why would you need to use it now?

I would say it's because people don't have internet, but then why would they have Netflix Instant Watch? Lol.

MsmackyM2832d ago

Why? So I can shell out 60bucks for xbl.

N4g_null2831d ago

LoL you guys read the description right? It's free on the wii, oh I forgot this just another reason to flame an hd fanboy. Man is this place gonna suck any more glad I'm not part of the gaming media. Have a good vday.

BuckenBerry2833d ago

I mean it's not that big of a deal, it takes what, 2-3 minutes to go on the Wii Shop Channel and download the Netflix Channel. Yeah it won't be in HD, but there are a lot of people who don't care.

Incipio2832d ago

Very few people I know use the Wii on their HDTV. The majority have their 360 or PS3 on the HDTV and the Wii in another room of their house, typically hooked up to the oldest TV they have.

a08andan2832d ago

There really would be no point to hook up ur Wii to an HD TV other than (possibly) the size of the TV since the Wii:s maximum resolution is 480p. :) So I agree with you!

Whitefox7892832d ago

Already had to do this like 3 months ago, the disc just said you need to download the Channel.

TheStee2832d ago

Yet another way the Wii won't play movies from a disc lol

BigKev452832d ago

14 disagrees confirms this is a Sony fanboy website.

TheColbertinator2832d ago


lol dude you been here for years and you know this.Next you're going to tell me that water is wet.

MeNoRasta2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

You just noticed?

DaCajun2831d ago

This coming from an obvious 360 fanboy loser. What would you expect coming into a Wii article and replying "Just use a 360 folks", The disagrees is because you're an idiot.

Your life sucks so much that trolling PS3 articles is not enough that you have to troll the Wii ones also. I think you're a jealous loser fanboy who can't afford all the consoles and a good pc so you troll everything you can't afford or that mommy and daddy couldn't afford for you. Get a job and a life loser.

PS. The Army is hiring, we like noobs like you!!