TQcast EP137: Fix My JailBroken PS3, Sony!

The latest TQcast covers some great topics, including a LIVE Phone call to Sony support to report a PS Jailbroken PS3. Sony's response is surprising, a must listen.

On today’s Show:
LIVE From Allgames!!
TQcast calls Sony Support to find out how they can help fix a JailBroken PS3.
Is BulletStorm really the the worst game in existence?
Catherine Demo impressions
Crysis 2 Demo Impressions
Gambling and stock tips
All that plus much more!

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a_bro2810d ago

"Fix My JailBroken PS3, Sony!"

No. you broke the rules.

punkpop1012809d ago

No.You knew you had to take a 360.

Ifone2809d ago

...say the pathetic non-gamer delusional troll :)

ATiElite2809d ago

For $299 it can easily be fixed.

beavis4play2809d ago

those guys podcast is pretty good.

Chupa-Chupa2809d ago

I agree, the show is entertaining. That LIVE call to Sony support was funny.

beavis4play2809d ago

yea - those guys are ok. they don't act like they take themselves too seriously. also - i never heard of the plans for amazon to offer VoD service for free to prime subscribers - i'm going to be watching for that....with the great deal prime offers on shipping - adding this would be good news!