GamePro: Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll Review

GP: Personally, I wouldn't give this game the time of day, and I happen to like RPGs. However, I'm envisioning Trinity being available for 99 cents a couple years down the line, and some very poor college student may want to grab it because they're bored and can't afford the latest shooter du jour. To those people I say, hey, if you don't mind forgoing ramen for a day, knock yourself out. You'll get a healthy 15-20 hours of kicking around goblins for your money. As for the rest of you, you'll probably be happier sticking with the ramen.

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Chris3992780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

If you go into something hating it, you're going to, ya know, hate it.

Gamepro has been getting sloppier and sloppier. This is atrocious. Trinity has been getting 7s across the board, from a community of North American wtf is a JRPG, where are the crosshairs reviewers weaned on FPSes. That's pretty stellar for a JRPG, far as I'm concerned.

Alpha_Gamer2780d ago

I don`t get it, how could you give the game a 1/5? I thought the game was a solid 7/10. It`s not mindblowing or anything, but it would be enjoyable for a cheap pickup later down the line.

Just my two cents.

Chubear2780d ago

JRPG fans have been starving for RPGs for a long time. Don't let these gaming sites fool and deceive you.

You finally have JRPGs galore this year. Go out and support them. This is a good game. It really doesn't have to be AAAAAAA.

Stop listening to gaming site reviews. They dont' care about helping you make well informed decisions. They only care about what the PR group for a game has done for them and their site.

kancerkid2775d ago

I like how all of the sudden people who have not played the game (including Chris, who at the time of this review had not received his copy) know what score a game deserves, whereas the people who have played it (the reviewer) should be dismissed because of the number they assigned the game (which is merely their opinion of it).

Chris3992775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Spouting off nonsense about a GAME THAT YOU HAVE NEVER PLAYED AND LIKELY NEVER WILL. I've clocked about 35 hours into the game at this point, as have two people on my PSN list and guess what WE ALL LOVE IT. I played three demos (2 Japanese, 1 NA) and watched every piece of media on the game before I received a physical copy and nothing about it screamed flop. In fact these brief tastes only cemented my anticipation for what I felt would be an awesome game.

Guess what? It turned out that it was.

You keep going on an on about opinions, well I've read Game Pros and all the rest and I DISAGREEE. Is that so inconceivable for you to fathom? Not only that but gamers, people who have PLAYED the title DISAGREE. People who actually ENJOY JRPGs and classic systems DISAGREE. You, your bff Jim Sterling and a few others are the odd men out here. Metacritic is missing every score over 7 (or which there are plenty) and its NOT an average. So please, shut up already.

Keep stalking me though. I should let you know upfront that I'm married and not into psychotic internet freaks though. Your desperation and need for attention is truly spectacular though, keep it up.

Mr_Bun2775d ago


What are you, defender of all toilet bowl worthy reviews? Sure people are allowed to have an opinion, but it doesn't mean it can't be wrong. If you were to tell me the sky was brown, that would be your would be wrong, but it would still be your opinion.

I was going to point out the obvious and make a reference to Chris's review which has been on the front page of N4G for the past couple of days now, but I suppose only you have authority in deeming which reviews are correct and which aren't.

I wonder how many hours you have put into this game since you seem to be in every thread that posts a low score

kancerkid2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I like how you call me a stalker when you in fact called me out in an N4G article I had not commented on.

You know, you keep talking about your opinions and how they are not wrong. I agree, they are not. But your opinion is not better or worse than the opinions of the reviewers. Which is my point.

I am a fan of JRPGs, Resonance of Fate being one of my favorites. Guess what? The game got a 25 from some reviewer and was panned by a lot of other people. I didn't go around saying that these people didn't know what they were talking about just because I had a different opinion than me.

I actually looked at their arguments, saw some ideas I agreed with, saw some I disagreed with, but I never claimed my opinion was better.

You say that people who love JRPGs will like Trinity, yet you lambast the Game Pro reviewer even though she is an RPG buff who contributes to JRPG sites all the time.

If you could actually step back from your firmly held beliefs and critically analyze what you are saying, you would see that you are biased towards anyone who gives the game a good score, because you want that as justification for your 60 dollar purchase. That is fine, but don't act like people cannot disagree, that the people who have a low opinion of the game are wrong, and stop trying to rationalize their scores by saying they aren't JRPG players, b/c for the most part you have not backed anything up with facts.

The only reason I am commenting on your comments is because I want you to see that a game getting a bad score from someone effectively means nothing, especially if that person has arguments as to why they feel as such. By the way, in none of your posts have you mentioned why you think someone has a flawed review, you focus merely on the score.

@ Mr Bun
I have not played Trinity, I have made no claim as to the validity of the reviews, I am merely wondering as to why you think these people who have the less than stellar reviews are wrong considering the reviews are only opinions.

By the way, your sky analogy is flawed, as it is a fact which color of the sky is whereas it is not a fact that a game is a 7 or 8/10. If I were to tell you the sky is brown, I would just be wrong, that is not a statement of opinion, it is a proposition of fact, which can be either right or wrong.

Mr_Bun2774d ago


Let me get this straight....You not only have never looked at this game but it would appear that you don't even own the system which it can be played on, yet you are downplaying other's for having an actual EDUCATED opinion?

What I love is that you are basically saying that reviewers don't need to factually back up a score but you require something more substantial than an opinion to question said review?

You have never played Trinity, which makes any opinion of yours regarding the game, unfounded and worthless. Thank you for wasting our time.

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Ravage272780d ago

Too many western reviewers starts an JRPG with the worst mindset possible.

InfiniteJustice2780d ago

Yeah this review was bias from the start, it's clear from reading it. I won't be getting the game anytime soon but this score just caught my attention by how dumb it seems. Trinity is certainly not a 1/5 game.

It begs the question of what other games would have to be 1/5 if this was the case? The answer being a lot of other games

Chris3992774d ago

Rofl. Do you even have a PS3? How were you intending to - hypothetically - play or debate a game that you couldn't touch? All you have is a 360 tag linked to your profile. PM me your PSN ID and lets see your trophies.

Obvious troll is OBVIOUS.

kancerkid2773d ago

I am not saying the game is good or bad. I am saying stop being so upset about bad scores. Who gives a flying fuck?

gorebago2780d ago

It looks like fun - gamepro is like an old man who forgot where his pants are or rather what pants even are

anasurimbor2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

predictable review/5

TheColbertinator2780d ago

Trinity Souls is an average game.It uses all the old outdated elements of Dynasty Warriors games.Its a boring game but it doesn't deserve a 1/5.Its boring not broken.

Chris3992780d ago

The only thing that is the same is the development team (Omega Force). This game doesn't play the same at all. Co-operative attacks, a team of 3. Fantasy setting, epic story. Wtf are you talking about?

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