Crysis 2 and COD Black Ops: Bugs and Free DLC

Product-Reviews Writes: Call of Duty Black Ops followed up with DLC and most gamers want the maps, but do the users get what they really want, or is the money making put before the gamer experience?

The gamer buys a Crysis 2 or COD Black Ops disc for a fair price, should their pockets be milked with DLC so soon after games get released?

If we see a lot of bugs in a game after release, should there be free DLC to compensate for this?

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danswayuk2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I've played the Crysis 2 beta and so far it's pretty good. Black Ops was released with a few bugs so the dlc should be free.

I do feel that games are rushed more than they should be, to get the next "thing" out for us to buy or download.

tmoss7262659d ago

Think it was more then "a few bugs"

fossilfern2660d ago

I miss the days when you downloaded the DLC in a patch for the PC. Now we are getting charged and thats why i dont bother my arse paying for DLC :D

plb2660d ago

The only DLC I've seen which looked worthwhile to pay for was BFBC2 Vietnam.

fossilfern2659d ago

that is true, the vietnam pack was worth the money

IaMs122659d ago

Freaking DLC, is not what it once was. I miss the expansion pack days on PC, where it added a whole new element. Like Diablo 2 LoD, and Warcraft III packs. Battlefield packs and more. Sigh, DLC should be maps and stuff but 15 bucks!?!? way too much

BX812659d ago

I have a quick question about black ops if anyone can answer it. I have BLK ops for the 360 and I've noticed in the options menu it gives you the option for 3D. I thought the 360 doesn't do 3d? Also if anyone has a seen BLK ops running in 3D for the 360 or PS3 could I get your thoughts on it? Thanks