G4TV: Duke Nukem Forever Preview

Get a preview look at Duke Nukem Forever with Adam Sessler interviewing, president of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford.

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oicheshamhna2863d ago

Let's just hope this games lives up to all this publicity. It looks great. I sure hope it plays as well.

Brewski0072863d ago

here here.

Gotta love "Titty City" though haha.

Derekvinyard132863d ago

alot of people are already saying its not that good, its just fun. im buying for sure but im pretty sure that every person thats plays this when it releases will have in there head what its gone through. i know i will

NIRVANArazor2863d ago

"its just fun"

ya.. thats what games are suppose to be what do ya want?? god gamers today!

Derekvinyard132863d ago

TBH after 14 years i dont know hat im suppose to want from this game

gman_2972863d ago

A game that has that feeling like it was made in '98. That's what they had in mind when Gearbox started production on it.

C L O U D2862d ago

I loved what Gearbox Software did with Half Life: Opposing Force. I have extreme faith with them on Duke Nukem