Gamers Preparing To Sue Sony Over Firmware Update

gamrFeed: "When affected users got into contact with Sony, the platform holder told them that they'd have to pay for a repair; as you can imagine this outraged them. It's been around two weeks, and Sony has yet to do anything about the issue which has now hit even more users. One person has decided that enough is enough, and has gotten into contact with a "class action suit attorney" who has been doing some research and even contacted Sony pretending to be a customer suffering from the issue."

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ArronC072381d ago

I bet most of those affected were using CFW, serves the greedy little virgins right.

CryWolf2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

So pirates are finally coming out for this lawsuit good just as Sony predicted.

deafwing2381d ago

i'm starting to think these article have less relevance with my gaming life than before; they should put a new ban on them.

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HolyOrangeCows2381d ago

*Clicks agreement to update, which states that a feature that was NEVER advertised (despite what fanboys will have you believe) will be removed*

ZOMG! Soni stolez fram me!!

I have no sympathy for the people who bought the PS3 to be a computer. If they had done their research, they'd know that half of the PS3's power is locked off when using another OS. May as well have just gotten a computer as a computer. PS3 is a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE.

UnwanteDreamz2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Why don't you guys just report the trolls instead of feeding them.

Seriously if this guy isn't bashing everything Sony he is spamming his pathetic site. Just report it and save everyone elses eyes from the ignorance.

Heartnet2381d ago

Lol so theyre gonna post on every game website and comment section..

Yeh thats what i want Spam...

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budbundystyles2380d ago

@miDnIghtEr20C And 3 years ago it was the opposite, xbots stomping out sdf. Who cares?

Hitman07692380d ago

Wow lol @ fail article and fail lawsuit, the first paragraphs start out with fraud. Excellent smithers.....

jadenkorri2380d ago

actually sony allowed the use of your own hard drive, though was not advertised, was a nice function, I'm sure the update wasn't meant to corrupt the hard drive, but Ive never heard of an exploit that was used with a certain hard drive. Unfortunately these people have no case its just like updating your windows computer and your c: gets messed up, MS ain't responsible, just like sony isn't. Its a risk with any update.

Ashriel2380d ago

lol @ HolyOrangeCows way to miss the point, dude, this article has nothing to do with otherOS and more to do with consoles being bricked :)

next time, at least read the shit you talk trash about...

thats_just_prime2380d ago

$omy has never offered any kind of warranty on their products. $ony know they dont work they just dont care this is the same crap they pulled with the ps2 and DRE when they got sued.

OH and $ony lost

gman_2972380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@ thats_just_prime

Since when have the PS3's not worked? From the beginning of this gen until now, the failure rate of a PS3 is leagues behind that of the 360, which was made big because of the original 360's shitty design (thank God they've upgraded it).

And as for just not caring about their customers, yeah, I'm sure they hate their customers when they're giving you free games off of PSN if you're a PS+ subscriber. And, guess what, PS+ still costs less than LIVE at $60 for 15 months. Free online is being a dick as well, even though the great ol' XBL charges you just to play the other half, if not more, of your game.

Yeah, Sony's a real dick /s

AAACE52380d ago

I don't think pirates would be stupid enough to get a lawyer if they were doing something illegal... but there are some stupid people in the world, so anything is possible!

zag2380d ago

And I wonder how many people will be up for paying a lawyer up front and get no result until 10 years later.

it's a real real slow process class actions.

jeseth2380d ago

I'm going to sue Sony for draining my wallet by forcing me to buy awesome game after awesome game!

BattleAxe2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Don't f**k with your PS3 then you damn hackers!

jadenkorri2380d ago

@ thats_just_prime
wow what world do you live on, cause it ain't earth. Since the ps3 launched, they have offered a 1 year warranty. Wow and still butthurt about the ps2. I cant imagine the feeling you have if you got a 360.

AngryTypingGuy2380d ago

Wait, you mean Sony pulls this kind of crap too? Say it ain't so! Remember guys, Sony is a COMPANY that wants your MONEY, not a family member doing you a favor.

I'm sure a few of those guys affected were hackers, but I'm also sure there were honest customers affected who simply replaced their hard drives so they could have more storage on their system. Sony should just do the right thing and reimburse people for any repairs.

PS3 marks the second Sony console in a row that has had a class action lawsuit against it, unless the PS1 had one that I'm not aware of.

ArronC072380d ago

Its funny how everyone I know who has replaced their hard drive (myself included)haven't got CFW and have had no problems??

Weird that. /sarcasm

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fear882381d ago

Wow. Maybe somebody should tell them that the HDD corrupt problem was fixed. All they had to do was pop in the old HDD and update again and then swap for the new one.

It sounds like the lawyer wants a quick buck and the consumer is a dumb brick. Perfect match I'd say.

madao2380d ago

The problem is not fixed for people without the old HDD.

fear882380d ago

Thats because they did not pop in the old hdd. I did the exact same thing. Once I popped in the old HDD everything worked.

These guys just did not bother to pop in the old HDD. They downloaded the update via the site and assumed it would fix it on the new hdd install.

If they end up fracking up their system because they prematurely formatted the old HDD then that would be on them.

madao2380d ago

"They downloaded the update via the site and assumed it would fix it on the new hdd install."

And that's not the way it's suppose to work???

fear882380d ago

No, because the firmware is written to a sort of bios chip. If the bios chip is written to assume any hard disk, except the original, is corrupt than the update won't start. Hence why you pop in the working hard disk and update through the system menu again and then swap out the hard disk.

I had the issue first hand but I at least knew how to approach this.

Bear_Grylls2380d ago

I think Mando disagrees with you Fear88 lol...

Even though you are perfectly correct :-)

madao2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

You are not suppose to need the original hdd in order to upgrade. Pop in a new hdd and usb stick with firmware version equal or higher than the one installed on the PS3 and the install should complete successfully. The process never asks you to put the orignal hdd back in for whatever reasons. This is designed so in the event the old hdd is lost/dead/damaged/etc, you don't end up with a big black paperweight.

Let's assume the whole 3.56 affair never happened. If I were to take out my PS3 hdd and format it, put it back in and install firmware from usb, it should still work.

Firmware 3.56v1 is not working as intended because the PS3 is not suppose to assume any hard disk except the original, is corrupt. 3.56v2 offers a partial fix, it only works for people who still have the HDD with 3.56v1 on it.

What about those who due to whatever unfortunate circumstatnces don't? Do they not deserve a proper fix from SONY to return their PS3 to the way it's supposed to work? Why should they be blamed and ridiculed for an issue caused by buggy software released by SONY?

gypsygib2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I have no sympathy for thieves

....I lose by paying more sony loses by getting paid less.

FUCK pirates...poor PsOS

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Anon19742381d ago

Really? Do we have to go through this every single time an Update is released?

It seems like whenever there's a firmware update we're subject to "New update breaks system," or "Sony sued over bricked consoles."

And then these articles are never heard from again. What of the other dozen supposed lawsuits regarding updates bricking consoles? What about the lawsuits about OtherOS - where are those now? Considering it was an update to stop hackers and modders, doesn't it make sense that this could potentially be behind the root of the problem.

Face it, kids. We live in a world where Microsoft sold a faulty console for years. Faulty. Known to be faulty. Hardware errors, disk scratching (both I personally experienced) and despite numerous lawsuits Microsoft was never held to account for duping the public into buying a product which allegedly had a 1 in 2 failure rate.

If Microsoft couldn't be sued for selling a broken product to millions, where do you think a lawsuit will go regarding a software update that may have broke a couple of systems? That's right. Nowhere.