Editorial: Fox News Claims Bulletstorm Leads to Rape?

"Ah, a good conservative media kerfuffle about video gaming being terrible! I love it! Fox News ran a piece on February 8th entitled “Bulletstorm: The Worst Video Game in the World”."- Shanghai Six

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Fir3truck2687d ago

I like your take on this Shanghai.

maxcavsm2687d ago

You think this is bad, what about that time Bill O'Reilly thought the moon was made of cheese?

Del6732686d ago

Where did the moon come from? I know it controls the tides, but where did it come from!? You all have nothing! good ol' billy o.

Fir3truck2687d ago

Fox always puts their foot in thier mouths then tries to talk. Most people do it the other way around.

PureDarkness2687d ago

*sigh* I don't even live in the US and I hate Fox news

AmigoSniped2687d ago

One again fox news trying to put a spin on a story that makes them look dumber than dirt. Nice try fox...

maxcavsm2687d ago

Pretty amazing stuff that this is the most watched news network in the US. Next up: Obama receiving oral sex from Mullah Omar the Reason Why the Economy Crashed?

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