Sony's Playstation Suite is 'competing with Apple'

Editor of Gamespot UK, Guy Cocker has stated in an interview that Sony is directly competing with Apple with the newly announced 'PlayStation Suite'. This also closely matches recent news of Sony withdrawing content from iTunes...are there bigger things to come in the future?

Extract from article "Sony's new Playstation Suite function and the developer's recent expansion into the mobile games platform are showing its intent to compete with Apple, says an expert."

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sinncross2865d ago

If Sony plays their cards right, PS Suite has the potential to be a game changer for them.

PS1 classics seems like a done deal in the service. Though Kaz seemed to suggest that Mini's are independent of PS Suite. My only guess is that Mini's are for non-touch screen games and therefore will remain an exclusive to Sony's core gaming devices.

But I'm really interested in seeing what plans are being made for PS Suite. I reckon E3 will not be used (instead focusing on NGP) while GDC becomes and PS Suite entry (which inevitably involves more NGP showcasing)

ABizzel12865d ago

I think this is going to bring in huge revenue for them. There are million and millions of Android devices out there, and once 2.3 because standard that's millions of people who can buy games.

So far there will be PS1 titles, supposedly minis, and games made by 3rd parties. But I can imagine this expanding to add PSP support, and PS2 support later down the road as the hardware increases in mobile devices, possibly even PSN games. This is going to give Sony a HUGE audience for selling games to, which is the point. It's a dangerous move, because the only reason to buy new PlayStation hardware would be to buy the latest games.

Blaster_Master2865d ago

In theory it makes Apple obsolete. PS Suite is for any platform that wants it. It could be on the new Nokia xbox handheld. In theory. Nothing a jail break couldn't handle im sure. But yeah, Apple is pretty much screwed the min they lost the battle when Droids came to the market. They didn't lose, but they don't have the market in the palm of their hands like they think.

blumatt2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

See, what's good about this PlayStation Suite is that even if the NGP were to fail (sales-wise), which it won't, this can be Sony's backup plan. By allowing PlayStation content on other devices besides its own, more people will be exposed to it and will be more likely to associate gaming with the PlayStation brand. They might then decide to get a PS3 over a competing brand since they're used to that brand name. If Sony opens PS Suite up to Apple's iPhone, they're going to make a killing!

By the way, everyone, I'm thinking about buying the Sony Xperia Play. I'm not sure just yet, but I might.

kharma452864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

PS Suite's biggest obstacle is that there is already a PS1 emulator on the Android Market and many will just choose to download PS1 ROMs for free and run it via that app.

It'll be how quickly and what kind of other games that aren't PS1 based Sony can get onto the PS Suite that will make or break it.

blumatt2864d ago

I don't see Sony allowing that PS1 emulator to be on Android market much longer.

kharma452864d ago

Sony can't do anything about it, just like Nintendo can't do anything about the NES, SNES and GBA emulators on the market.

They're totally powerless to remove it.

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jay22864d ago

Guys, we'll find all the info out RE the sweet in under 24hrs! Can't wait to get the day for me next phone, Xperia Play.

littlebigmarcpsps32864d ago

yeah right
with over 10,000 apps and most of them are under 5 dollar
good luck sony

blumatt2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Who says Sony won't have loads of cheap Apps just like the App Store. You really think when games like Angry Birds come to PS Suite that it's going to jump up in price to like $15-20? Most of the apps in PS Suite will be just like the iPhone's App Store, small cheap, affordable apps/games.

silvacrest2864d ago

its not like apps like shazam, google maps and beautiful widgets are competing against the playstation suite games

and the current android games dont compare to even most PS1 games

internalbit222864d ago

Ppl like little can't think beyond their nose, ppl like little have underdeveloped brains, a new class if sub humans. You can buy simple games of psn store for ps3 for a handfull of bucks

kevnb2864d ago

If this is true apple is hurting. Sony still owns a huge portion of the worlds music and movies. Its just like the 80s again, apple got big but fell hard to the open source market.

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