Batman: Arkham City Goes Viral?

via Could this be the start of the Batman: Arkham City viral? It seems a website detailing Arkham City's fictional mercenary team Tyger has been revealed with some hidden pages. There are many links within the pages that direct you to "unauthorized" areas of the site.

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xinoisadouchebag2780d ago

Nice find! You might want to fix "un authorised" to unauthorized. Just a suggestion. Approved.

Merivigian2780d ago

I dialed the number in the contact section, pretty interesting. I'm going to try the email next.

Quagmire2779d ago

Awesome! Third Echelon is hiring! Can't wait to join em and take down Batman.

egidem2779d ago

Okay...just a question...why do you have Samurai Jack instead of QUAGMIRE????

Quagmire2779d ago

Because I am the honorable Samurai Jackmire, giggity

tonypatillas2779d ago

You should take a look at their images folder which has been left wide open. The file names alone confirm The Batman cometh and some cryptic images too...

StevenHibs2779d ago

I emailed them, using the address on the website, and I got a reply.

Hi Steven.

Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately your CV is currently
missing vital experience that we at Tyger Security pride ourselves on


Tyger Security

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