Secret Level Episode 8 - Activision aka Moneyvision

Earlier this week video games publisher Activision announced that two of its projects, Guitar Hero and True Crime:Hong Kong, are cancelled. Both were high profile projects and especially in the case of Guitar Hero, a multi-million dollar franchise. The cancellation of these projects among a slew of recent actions has once again put Activision in the spotlight as a publisher that is willing to sacrifice the vision, talent, and growth of its developers for the sake of it's own economic growth as a publisher. Are their actions worth it?

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Hitman07692778d ago

Crapivision lmao, funny how they operate like no one knows what they are doing. People have beefs with EA, and with good reason, but Activision takes it to a new level of greed and IP abuse. I would hate to work there. May the lord have mercy on Bungie haha.

Bnet3432778d ago

You wouldn't hate to work there if you were the one raking in the cash though.

9thGenHero2778d ago

Yea, it's a crazy conflict, I just felt that the developers deserve better, they're the middle man gettin shafted and it's not cool...

NYC_Gamer2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

well,lets not forget this is the gaming industry and companies have to answer to share think about it does it make sense for Activision,to keep hold of franchises that are failing/might not bring in real profit.most of us are only looking at things from the hobby stand point and ignoring the business aspect which is kind of fair since we have no stock invested.

egm_hiphopgamer2778d ago

Activision is successful I give them that, but alot of there business decisions I feel should have the gamers interest involved as well. Bobby needs to formally address his audience instead of hiding out so much