Crysis 2 Map DLC Planned a Month From Launch?

Bryce Wilson of RipTen; "During the last 24-32 hours Crytek's upcoming blockbuster shooter Crysis 2 was revealed in perhaps one of the biggest pre-release leaks in recent history..."

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ATiElite2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Come on, "Was EA planning DLC for Crysis 2" what a dumb question! DLC is like free money, and if you can sucker Microsoft in then it's like winning the lottery.

1. once the game is finished it only takes a handful of people to make DLC if the DLC isn't just cut product from the original game which some like to do. if it's just maps maybe only two people are making it.

2. DLC now a days is the equivalent of a PC modder making a mod for a game or gamers making their own maps. The new generic trend is to throw Zombies into every darn game.

3. Of course they are gonna make DLC so Microsoft can pay them million$ of dollar$ for it to be "Timed Exclusive" for the 360 which seems to be in the works.

4. DLC in the form of new maps for the MP is a great way to keep the game fresh and push sales. DLC is the new standard in video games, it's almost second nature.

king dong2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

i keep forgetting that everytime there is dlc its free on the ps3... coz sony is not in it for the money and only for us. oh right its not like that at-all is it.

aswell, i remember paying for the kz2 maps. did sony give that money to charity?? think not. although reading through your poat its just a typical fanboy nerd rage directed at microsoft..

anyway, i have a crysis 2 on pre-order, and will probably buy dlc when its available. i was impressed with demo, and am looking forward to playing it

ATiElite2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

My post is in NO way "typical fanboy nerd rage", my post is THE TRUTH!

What company pays Developers for Timed Exclusive DLC? As far as I know Microsoft is the only one. I don't ever recall SONY or Nintendo paying for Exclusive DLC. paying for Timed Exclusive DLC is a business tactic of M$.

As far as my other statements about DLC, they are true too. I'm not dogging DLC I'm stating FACTS.

how many times have games come with DLC already on the Disc? MW2 Bioshock2 plus many more
How many games have DLC with Zombies? Borderlands, Blops, RDR plus many more
How many times has M$ paid for Timed DLC? Homefront, MW2, GTAIV plus many more
DLC for MP is expected.
these are all facts and not nerd rage.

dragonelite2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

If one thing Ea is sleeping in bed with sony how many free dlc do the ps 3 get from Ea like deadspace extraction. They only lend money to Rockstar once and now microsoft is the end all of dlc birth.

SCThor2535d ago

Don't blame them! blame the people that actually BUY that DLC.

SpitFireAce852534d ago

I hate this new DLC trend that started this gen..
it just lets devs/publishers keep content away
that was suppose to be included with the game
in the first place..

Tachyon_Nova2535d ago

Why would they not have it planned to be honest? The game has 12 maps straight up so you can hardly accuse them of starving people for content in order to sell DLC. Plus, once the levels are done and dusted you don't need a full design team working on them do you, so you may as well get them making some extra maps.

Xfanboy2535d ago

I rather pay for maps than guns..

RBLAZE19882535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Why the hell would anyone be surprised by this? DLC is planned from the beginning of most dev cycles these days...From the brief seconds I saw of the leaked gameplay on youtube this game is gonna be the sickest shooter this gen (single player at least) so i don't mind

site just looking for hits, don't fall for it...

Drjft2535d ago

RipTen has been around for four years.

We get daily 55-70k hits. We don't need to write bullshit tabloid rubbish just for hits - we get enough to crash the server usually two or three times a week.

king dong2535d ago

ok drjft. but, if you dont need extra hits, then why post on n4g??

listen im not criticising you. n4g needs everything it can get....coz news is sadly lacking on this gutter site now.

seraphcaeli2535d ago

lol get a better server? also, I remember ripten from back in 2006. know your own website buddy.

RBLAZE19882534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Yet you did publish this bs rubbish article to get hits. You guys wanted an exclusive story because you knew none of the big name sites would report on speculation about obscure files in a leaked, illegal, copy of the game. Like it was a surprise that this game was getting dlc but you guys had to put a negative spin on it saying ea was planning this months in advanced. Like i said DLC is planned from the beginning these days and you guys posted a sensationalized piece of obvious news so you guys look like you are getting exclusive info. If you had some integrity you wouldn't post speculation from a leaked build of the game and would just wait for EA and crytek to release a statement publically. That's my 2 cents.

Congrats on the site stats tho...;)

Trevonn2534d ago

@seraphcaeli wow its still 4years ZOMG 2 MONTHS INTO 2011 MAKES WRONG ZOMG!!!! /s

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RBLAZE you just seem to leave a trail of douche baggery everywhere you go..........

Its well possible its DLC thats already on the disc but the "tanker" map sounds interesting, im imagining a giant oil tanker slightly out from NYC next to the statue of liberty which has been partly blown apart with multiple decks opened up!

and there might be some flooded decks you can swim through to get past your enemies flank, well I hope they are that creative :P

Drjft2535d ago

Yeah - something I noticed was that the file sizes were still exactly the same as files ALREADY in the game. So I hope it's not just another Sinclairs Solutions - but I trust EA so I'm sure they wouldn't pull a stupid move like that.


Well if its in the game code already, id say its a safe bet dude.

king dong2535d ago


sounds good, lets hope they are reading your comment

RBLAZE19882534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

What the hell did you want me to say? DLC, for real? I would've never guessed it...I also didn't say anything negative about the dlc or the game don't get your panties all in a bunch. I'm flattered that you follow my comments so closely on this site though :)


Hardly follow your comments sweetheart so dont get flustered.

Ive noticed you on a few articles posting blind claims with no evidence aka your full of it.

you take care now.

RBLAZE19882534d ago

Blind claims? So you're telling me dlc isn't planned early on in development cycles these days? Thanks for noticing and remembering every one of my comments though.

...Or maybe you just stalked out my profile and read all my comments like a jealous facebook girlfriend/stalker. Eh I still love you though cause it shows you really care, but we gotta get some trust going on in this relationship...

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