Raging Nerd: Deadspace 2 Review

Your mom hates this is right, and for good reason. The game begins much differently than the first one. You wake up and rather than having time to figure out what’s going on, you are thrown right into the action and must react instantly.

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Mr_Shuttlezworth2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

You have not experienced Dead Space 2 until you have played it with a surround sound headset. I played through most of the game using a set of Tritton Ax Pros and i must say it was much more intense then when i was using my home theatre system. The atmosphere and mood that it creates using sound is nearly unparalled in gaming, and only a few select titles can hold a candle to the sound design in DS2.

antz11042858d ago

Having a pair of x11's from Turtle Beach shipping in now. Better be here by playthru 2!

teedogg802858d ago

I've never played a game using a surround sound headset before. I use a 1000 watt home theater that sounds really good. Are those headsets really that great?

Mr_Shuttlezworth2858d ago

Well what makes dead space "scary" is the sound. This is the same trick used in most suspense/horror movies. They do a quick cut and then trigger a loud "stab" sound. It's the sound that makes you jumpy.

Personally, I find that the trittons are better because i do alot of late night gaming. I am able to keep the volume louder than i can with the home theatre set up. It also seems to feel more engrossing, and i can directly hear where the necromorphs are coming from.

If you have a home theatre set up you dont really NEED the Headset, but if you are playing on tinny television speakers you are really missing out on a major component of this game.

Xfanboy2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I just hate that dlc is already on the disk it's not right I have to pay to unlock it!!

They said no dlc support for pc even though it's found on the disk wtf!!

This means console player are forced to buy extra content that is already on the $60 game they purchased!!

I'll buy this when it's cheap on steam!! Amnesia is more scare anyway...

antz11042858d ago

I agree with the review...just not how the author got there. Kind of short and if I was a newcomer wanting to know if it was worth a purchase, this wouldn't sell me at all.

It might have been more scripted but I thought it was a fair balance to actually have Isaac as a dynamic character with a voice this time around.