Harrison: New Custom PlayStation 2 Controllers Coming?

Talking to Gamasutra during Tokyo Game Show, Sony's Phil Harrison has been talking to Gamasutra about the future of the PlayStation 2, revealing the company has more custom game controllers along the lines of the Buzz and EyeToy peripherals coming to the PS2.

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Evil0Angel3651d ago

copy-paste strategy.wii-mote like controller for PS2

nasim3651d ago

but it breaks down in just 2 minutes and is very low powered compared to ps3.

the newly designed ps2 will kill the wii and x360 just like the PSP did to DS LITE

Naruto3651d ago

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA where did it say they are making a wii- Mote like controller for the PS2?

whateva3651d ago

PSTwo is unstoppable from 2000 and beyond wii copy please PStwo is going to be here when the Wii fad fades away and still be selling.
and wii play and wii sports is just a copy of EyeToy Play and EyeToy sports so now who copied who.

DeZimatoR3651d ago

Evil-Angel "Sony copied 'insert game company name here', buahhhhhh!"

Master Chief "There there, daddy is coming home in a few days, don't worry!"

WIIIS13651d ago

Hahahahaha! They've given up on nextgen! They're going back to squeeze more money out of their lastgen fans. What a joke!