Adobe chooses Blu-ray compatibility

Leading consumer video editing software will not support HD DVD.

The latest instalment of Adobe's Premiere Elements package – Version 6, will support the Blu-ray format exclusively, further strengthening Sony's format's battle against HD DVD.

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Lumbo4098d ago

Imho this is getting a bit off-topic ...

gameforall4098d ago

Adobe have always been in the Blu-ray camp

uuaschbaer4098d ago

I thought it already did.

cuco334098d ago

i love the spinning by the blu-boys

kevin11224098d ago

you most really love the spinning of hd-dvd lol. they both go round and round.

kn4098d ago

"News For Gamers". Adobe doesn't make games. It's irrelevant. I'm tired of the format war news. Please stop posting this crap and stick with gaming news.

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