Bulletstorm: What Happens When You're Not Shooting Someone in the Balls (1UP Preview)

What better way to deal with getting backstabbed by your commanding officer than slamming your ship -- kamikaze-style -- into his prized warship, followed by going through an ultra-violent (and occasionally drunken) rampage through a crumbling resort planet turned mutant nightmare? Bulletstorm's Grayson Hunt certainly can't think of one.


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RonaldRaygun2861d ago

Thanks for catching that, I just updated the article. Have a bubble =)

xAlmostPro2861d ago

meh im not fussed for this game, there's to much kicking lol it's fun at first but there's over half of the "skill kills" that require a 'kick'

I'll say what friends say when it's released though, basing my opinions on the demo atm

2861d ago
Tilian2861d ago

Looks like a solid game, but alas, I'm not 12 years old.