Test Drive Unlimited 2: first PS3 patch available

First PS3 patch for the racing game

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Close_Second2775d ago

OMG! a modern game needing a patch, go figure.

Mr_Shuttlezworth2775d ago

Devs these days man... lazy as hell.

Wanderer2775d ago

Lazy? Maybe... Or maybe developing games has just become significantly more complicated than it was back in the old sidescrolling days...

Mr_Shuttlezworth2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Yea but even last gen there were no patches/updates. You had to make the game as bug free as possible, and once it goes gold that it. it was what it was. Nowadays it seems developers rely on the online updates way too much and obviously the quality of games suffers.

If they simply put more time into testing the game BEFORE it gets pressed then we wouldn't have these problems.

DJMarty2774d ago

@Mr_Shuttlezworth - Just cos a game goes goes gold and is getting pressed, it doesn't mean all dev time stops a month before release. It continues,whilst the game is been pressed, thats why we get patches/updates on or just after launch of games.

MaximusPrime2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

They promised beta for consoles and didn't released it. Suddenly TDU2 went amok

BBAM2774d ago

"First PS3 patch for the racing game"
why's this included in the xbox360 and PC sections?