Japanese Gamers Really Care About Halo 3

Kotaku reports: "They waited, for hours-okay an hour at least-to get their hands on the game just a few days early. That 60 minute wait sign was quickly updated to 90 minutes after everyone in Microsoft's booth grew tired of playing Zoids Alternative and Dynasty Warriors 6. Respect, Halo 3. Much respect."

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Capt CHAOS3731d ago

nuff said..

Three more days (I live in England).

iceice1233731d ago

I though it came out on the 26th in England?

tehcellownu3731d ago

how much does halo 3 cost?? the 360 system is hella cheap in japan and it still wont just what we need more halo 3 hype..haha..but it be funny when none of them cant play on their 360..

Vavoom3731d ago

so, why would that be funny. Because it's actually funny or BECAUSE YOU'RE A HATER?

MADGameR3731d ago

This is your CHANCE to convince the Japanese. Atleast a few... if you're not user friendly..........lolz I think they'll return it

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mighty_douche3731d ago

hour wait isnt to bad, i read yesterday that people were in line for over 3 hours to play the 15 minute MGS demo.... sod that!

Gamer luv3731d ago

3 hours, 15 minute demo, 12 people, hardly worth braggin..

lonestarmt3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

thats good sign for the 360 in Japan that they are finally accepting it. However don't talk down to the Japanese. They play more than those games. How about the MGS demo that they waited even longer for? or the square enix booth?? of white knight story. Just DW6? please.......

Bathyj3731d ago

I'm back.

Does anyone else have Halo 3 yet?


Must go dust my xbox off an kill some alien scum. I may give quick impressions as I'm going but I have to work in 7 hours so I dont think I'll get too far tonight.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3731d ago

7 hours is more then enough to finish the fight :P

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The story is too old to be commented.