Neo Geo Station - Samurai Shodown - Review [NoobFeed]

Daav from revisits feudal Japan to take another stab at this weapon-introducing pioneer. Does the 2D fighter live up to today's standard set by giants like BlazBlue?

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MWH2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Samurai Shodown is a cult classic, if only they make a worthy sequel the Street Fighter IV way instead of a failed clone of the mighty Soul Calibur.

dredgewalker2537d ago

I loved the old SNK fighting games, I still play KOF 94-99, Samurai Showdown 1-4, The Last Blade, Fatal Fury series and the Art of Fighting on the pc emulator on my laptop.

Samurai Showdown 1 was good but part 2 is easily the best of the series.

K3nji2537d ago

For actually appreciating every other great fighter apart from Street fighter...i salute you good sir! =D

Baka-akaB2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I was always way more into snk's 2d fighting games than Capcom's .

I think they were easily better .

Then SNK died . The new company snk playmore , while having still produced a few good kof games , is a mere shell of the real snk .

It saddens and infuriate me that with the amount of franchises , characters at their disposal , all they mostly do is resell the same classics games on each console , without even a small improvement

MWH2537d ago

SNK are masters of the 2D weapon based fighters indeed. Last Blade was a true classic as good as Samurai Shodown itself. imagine a new 2D Samurai Shodown with HD visuals like Street Fighter IV or better (stunning feual japan HD backgrounds), that would be the day.

my favorites were Samurai Shodown 1, 4 and Last Blade II.

dredgewalker2537d ago


Thanks man, I used to play a lot of these games on the arcades and fought a lot of good players, it was a great time to be a fighting game fan.


I too am guite saddened by the disappearance of SNK. The new SNK Playmore does not have the soul of the old company, and their new offerings do not quite appeal to me.

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K3nji2537d ago

How can you rate a classic game? It was one of the best fighters back in the day and one of the first games i remember playing where you could get some serious body chopping finishing moves...the classic anime style blood profusely spraying out of your victim at the end of a fight was GREAT! =D

Daavpuke2537d ago

Indeed. Unfortunately, the Us version is 'censored'. It looks likes sweat...

K3nji2537d ago

Censored...because the pixelated old skool blood looks so REAL! lol! =P
*pictures aren't the original Showdown, but even they look shit compared to now-a-days! =\*

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