Why Pirate?

Check out my thoughts on why pirating in this industry is one of the worst things that can happen.

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Pandamobile2864d ago

Just because I pirate something doesn't mean I'm not going to buy it.

GameGambits2864d ago

You do more harm than good doing so. Just wait, be patient.

Say you had a game you were really excited for and were going to buy day one, but then you pirate it and play it to see meh it's not worth it. So you never buy it.

That's 1 potential sale they missed out on.

Also the fact is, and you KNOW this to be true, that 9/10 people do NOT think like you. They may SAY they will buy it after they pirate it, but only 1 of those 10 people follow up on that claim.

Pandamobile2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

If I pirate a game and it's not good, that's just saving myself $50-60.

If there's no demo, how the hell am I supposed to judge the quality of the game before I purchase it? Then there's companies like Epic who release a PS3 and 360 demo for Bulletstorm and they'll wonder why their game is getting pirated so heavily.

Nate-Dog2864d ago

That's a terrible way of thinking Pandamobile. Do you really think that demos are the only way to judge what a game is like, and then if they aren't available the only option is to pirate? What do you think trailers and interviews with developers and reviews and gaming websites for discussion and news like N4G are for? I actually feel sorry for you man, waiting and looking forward for a game to come out can be a tough and agonising wait, but getting hyped up from trailers and info and then waiting until that day when the game finally comes out, buying it, playing it, and knowing the wait was worth it is just a great feeling, and from the sounds of it you mustn't ever experience that.

smoothdude2864d ago

Piracy sucks, but it is here to stay. They need to start putting hackers in Jail along with anyone who helps distribute games illegally. That includes anyone who shares download via torrents.

kancerkid2864d ago

Tell me that you would pirate a game like Alan Wake, just 'try' it, and then if you liked it, bought it. Doubtful. Most people would pirate it, play the SP, and forget about it because it doesn't have the 'all important' MP time-sink.

I could see the argument hold up a little with a game with multiplayer, but I don't see most people buying something they can get for free.

yess2864d ago

You buy a car for transport.
You buy a game for intertainment.

So you need transport to work, but are afraid to buy a car, cause you might not like it.
You go to the local cardealer and just take one,use it for a week and drive it back to the cardealer, cause you did not like it.
You then take a new car for the week to come.

Did you demo the car or did you actually use it for transport.

When you download and play a game, you are not just trying it, you are intertaining your self, in the same way as if you bought it.

When you buy a game it's not the game you want, it's the intertainment in the game, like the transport with the car.

BattleAxe2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Panda, theres no defending piracy. I can't believe that you're on here trying to justify it. By the amount of disagress I've been getting because I'm against Piracy, it shows how wide spread the problem is, and why you'll never see another optimised PC title after Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3, unless its a Valve game, Starcraft or Warcraft. People like you have ruined the industry and the platform(PC) that you claim to love and respect.

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x8002864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Pandamobile you sir are an Idiot STOP spreading the word that you have downloaded crysis 2, your encouraging other ppl to download this sh** by your statements, didn’t they say there will be a crysis 2 demo? YES they did, and your statements about testing the game fails there, you just wanna pirate this shit. Sorr bro but come on what is wrong with u.

BattleAxe2864d ago

I sent an e-mail to Crytek lastnight, and I told them about the people on N4G that have come out in the comments to claim that they've downloaded the game. I would love to see these idiots get charged, but I realise that its a feutile endeavor. The result of this is just simply going to be more console ports, which isn't really all that bad I guess, but it might also result in fewer ports, because why should a developer waste the money?

plb2864d ago

"Just because I pirate something doesn't mean I'm not going to buy it."

Most people say this. Also disagree with the guy who said people who pirate games should go to jail. Why? fine them, but jail? That just means taxpayers will pay for it. Also, going to jail for illegal downloads is just dumb..leave jail for killers, rapists etc.

MarioWarfare2864d ago

If what you say is true you are definitely in the minority, the vast majority of people pirate something they want but aren't willing to pay for it.

im-12-years-old2864d ago

The vast majority of pirates are downloading something they wouldn't buy in the first place so nothing is being stolen and no body is getting hurt

jeeves862863d ago

@ 12 -years old

That's BS and you know it lol. Why pirate something you wouldn't buy? Why waste the time and bandwidth? Pirates download what they 'would' pay for it but are either a) too lazy to work for it and dedicate part of their budget for it b) have a severe entitlement complex.

Blaze9292864d ago

let's not all be all holier-than-thou here. If someone gave you the option to get something for free versus paying $59.99, we all know what the majority would choose.

So asking, "why pirate" is a stupid ass question in my opinion. Why pirate? Why pay? Why download a movie for free? Why download that mp3 of that song you like so much for free? Why borrow games/software/movies/CDs from your buddy instead of buying your own?

All of those things hurt the industry but why do people do it? Because that's one less dollar they have to spend.

im-12-years-old2864d ago

You have a great point. The other day I told my friend I was going to buy red dead and he told me to just take his copy (for free) since he finished it and got bored of the SP. Now any person with common sense would of course take the game like I did.

But judging from some of these comments some people would actually rather turn down a friends offer and go pay 50-60 dollars for something they could have get for free otherwise.

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GameGambits2864d ago

Lol awesome comment, because I pretty much covered all of what you said in my article which you seem to not have read.

You're just thinking about yourself, and I bet you're the same guy who thinks it's sad when game studios shut down, yet you are slowly but surely contributing to it.

You know back in the day we bought games without demos and they still sold a lot. We used things like reviews, previews, word of mouth, our friends house, renting, and waiting for sales. Hell a vast majority probably still do.

Did EPIC comment why they did no PC version demo? Do you really not own a PS3 or 360 at this point? If you're a PC only gamer maybe it's time to branch out if you keep saying you ARE a gamer. Sticking to just PC means you miss out on a lot of awesome games, and starts to spawn fanboy idealisms just like a PS3 only owner or 360 only owner can.

Say you don't own a PS3/'re broke as hell and are only a PC gamer. Do you really have no friends that have no 360's or PS3's to stop at their house to socialize while you give the demo a whirl? People used to go to other peoples houses to game too, but seems that's forgotten as well.

The fact is if you pirate, no matter you reasoning, you are stealing. End of story. If you ARE one of the people who DOES buy the game everytime even though you pirate, then fine whatever...and to that one guy out there who is doing that you rock. Everyone else is stealing and needs to stop trying to cover themselves up like they can do no wrong.

Pandamobile2864d ago

I have a PS3, but that doesn't mean I want to download the PS3 demo if Bulletstorm.

I really don't care to be honest. If I'm unsure about whether or not I'll enjoy a game, I'll torrent it and play through a bit of it. If it's everything I expected, I'll buy it. If I don't like it, no wasted money.

What about the people that just rent games? Aren't they technically stealing? The rental place having a physical copy of the game doesn't mean shit. You're not buying it, you're borrowing it. Then you return it to the store, and another hundred people leech off that same game and the publisher sees no money from all those people who paid $7 to rent it from wherever.

GameGambits2864d ago

That last paragraph is full of such stupid I can't believe you actually typed that and think it's a good point.

No they aren't technically stealing. They aren't stealing in any damn sense. Game rental places A) Pay game companies to have their games in stores. B) Have to BUY THE GAME. C) Basically get free promo in their stores for their games.

They do see money, because videogame rental places buy games in BULK to have enough in every store. Hell often they'll have 20 or so copies of a game the first week, that ends up being a stinker, only gets 3 copies rented ever, and then the video store has to try and sell them used.

From your earlier comments I thought you may have some sense and could bring up valid points, but clearly you're the exact kind of person my article was referring to. Time to grow up a little.

If you sweated blood and tears to make a game for 5 years or more, then some geek in nowheresville manages to leak it hurting you enough sales that your studio A) gets shut down B) you get fired or C) you don't get to work on a sequel to a quality game...then I'm sure you'd feel for these guys.

Like the article said, you're just thinking about yourself, but realize pirating games goes further than that. To spell it out for you:


insomnium22864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )


Your comments are full of shit tbh.

"If it's everything I expected, I'll buy it. If I don't like it, no wasted money."

Somehow I get the feeling there aren't many games that are everything you expected. Maby 2 or 3. Try this and confirm it for yourself:

Check how many games there are which you haven't paid for and yet are still on your HDD because you don't want to get rid of them. They are good but not exactly everything you wished for so they are a waste of money right?

Pandamobile2864d ago

There are three games on my harddrive that I haven't paid for:

Modern Warfare 2 - Played the campaign, was short and shit. Haven't gotten around to deleting it yet.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Played it for 10 minutes, didn't like the car handling, haven't gotten around to deleting it yet.

Dead Space 2 - Haven't even installed it yet. I found it on my school's filesharing network.

If I enjoy a game, I will buy it. Even if I have no intentions of playing it again.

"Oh look, Game X is on sale for $10 on Steam. I kinda liked it when I played through it the first time. Might as well buy it now"

BubbleSniper2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

i agree with pandamobile. some of you don't see what devs are tryin to do to us.

it not right to PIRATE but who will believe if we say?

most of N4G not like pirates and i applauded that

but devs or more-so PUBLISHERS are gettin more n more greedy and dumbing down games for people just

getting into gaming.

what about those of us who contributed for over 20 years? we help the industry make it this far just to be nickle and dime!?

some of you just looking in front and not beyond.

play b3yond.

Ducky2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

"C) Basically get free promo in their stores for their games. "
How is that an argument when one can argue the pirating does the same? Granted, you might end up getting a bigger preview than what the store offers. =/
I recall seeing a few threads on the minecraft forums about people that pirated the game but found it fun and bought it.

The act of paying money doesn't automatically justify an action. Not a whole world's worth of difference between piracy and used games from a developer's point of view.

"If you sweated blood and tears to make a game for 5 years or more, then some geek in nowheresville manages to leak it hurting you enough sales that your studio"
Is this referring to Crysis2? Leaks aren't exactly the same as piracy, and I haven't heard of any actual news as to how the leak happened.

As for Piracy, my beliefs are similar to what TweakGuides said about piracy (google it, although some of the data is probably out of date).
EDIT: Oh I'll just do it myself --> ... Practical Solutions.

Dude4202864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I don't support piracy and I love PC gaming. However, if there's one thing that annoys me the most about PC gaming, is that once you buy a game and activate the CD key, you're stuck with it. If the game isn't good, you just wasted $40 of your earned dollars on something you've only played for 10 minutes. So I can understand why people like Panda want to pirate to try it out some games.

Console gamers on the other hand, can return the game if they don't enjoy it. Maybe sometimes they won't receive full reimbursement but they still get some money back.

Personally, I've never pirated a PC game, but thank god steam has crazy sales going on or else I wouldn't of bought many of the PC games. The new AVP for example, got it for 5 bucks, it was alright, but at least it wasn't at a big loss.

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Dsnyder2864d ago

Because its free. duh.
But yeah I find pirating games to be too much of a hassle, especially for consoles. Music on the other hand is pretty quick and easy to download so I tend to do that a lot more because Itunes prices are pretty unfair. Games may be expensive when they first release but they come down in proce fast and are more than worth it once they hit 30$ and below.

plb2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I think everyone pirates music tbh. I guess it's a good thing most musicians make the majority of their money on the road performing concerts. Most money from CDs and such go to the publisher.

Loner2864d ago

Please Sony drones dont lynch me ive seen the Cliff b thread and also the major nelson thread.I beg of you to have some humour and take a joke!
Please dont get butthurt.This is humour

Visari2864d ago

Because I can't Ninja.

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