Fox News Paints Imaginary Line Between Rape And Gaming

Fox News and one of their so-called “experts” are saying that gamers have a predisposition to be rapists because of the games that they play, pointing fingers at Bulletstorm. Thank Zod they’ve never heard of Custer’s Revenge!

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Visari2535d ago

I don't think Fox News is that far off. I rape people in Killzone 2 weekly.

Kalowest2535d ago

Lucky you, Demon's Souls was too busy raping me.

GodofSackboy2534d ago

This takes the crown of the greatest comment of all time.

Legionaire20052535d ago

The Fox News people are just a** holes who don't know anything about gaming. Now they say what if games can make kids turn to rapist? WTF!!! Instead of Fox News, its False News. Unfair and unbalanced!!! Full of republican think tanks who only care what they have to say.

plb2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Fox news does not know anything about anything

Focker4202535d ago

Oh ok, so its the content within the games. Definitely not my first assumption when I read the title.

I figured they'd go with the stereotype that gamers have less sex, therefore they feel they need to rape people.

You never know, it is FOX News.

SwiftShot2534d ago

There's no versus in Bulletstorm so you can't get raped :D but seriously WTF fox GTFO!

palaeomerus2534d ago

If the other guy has a much higher score than you do then you got raped.

SwiftShot2526d ago

I replied 2 late but true lol, then again he/she raped everyone else