Guilty Gear vs. Capcom? It was once planned to go down

Capcom’s most popular fighters have faced off with a number of different characters over the years except one; Sammy’s Guilty Gear series. It was also announced that the popular Street Fighter line up would be visually changed. But unfortunately, the dream bout between Capcom and Guilty Gear just never materialized.

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RedPawn2778d ago

I remember this very much, awesome concept.

MastaMold2778d ago

First time I played Guilty Gear was on PS1, the game grew on me that I liked more than Street Fighter. Thought one day these two fighting would go at it but guess not

ShinMaster2777d ago

It's a shame that only the makers of Guilty Gear stayed with 2D sprites and Capcom is now doing 3D.

I would have preferred SF4 to have been in 2D like BlazBlue.

anasurimbor2778d ago

I just want more Guilty Gear period.

kamehamehaftw2778d ago

rats, was looking forward to this

xboxman082777d ago

Guilty Gear vs Capcom would be a bad ass game but i doubt it would happen