Beyond Good & Evil HD Hands-On Preview & HD Gameplay - Reliving a Classic

If there’s one thing the Xbox Live Arcade is beautifully set up for... it’s second chances. After all, everyone in life deserves a second chance, except whoever stole my Cadbury’s Creme Egg out of the fridge the other day. You can burn in hell for all I care... For Ubisoft and Beyond Good & Evil though, this is it. This is the second chance that the original – generally heralded as a true great many years ago – truly deserves. Truthfully though, how many resources are lavished upon and how quickly the already announced Beyond Good & Evil 2 arrives, probably hinges upon its success, so although it might seem like a second chance, it definitely feels like there’s more riding on it this time.

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Bigpappy2867d ago

Wow! I can wait to play this again.

suicidalblues2867d ago

Hope you meant "can't wait" there pappy.

Bigpappy2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

You got me, "can't" was my intention. I do this so often. May be I should invest in some typing lessons, so I can read as I type.

RememberThe3572867d ago

YES! I'm buying this day 1! I love this game, I don't care how frustrating the camera can get they probably fixed that!

GLoRyKnoT2867d ago

Cool game back then. as for now, not so sure. Y'all should check it tho :)