GameSpot: Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Review

With its well-balanced party customization and superior story combined with new and interesting features like the CHARIOT system, Tactics Ogre is the best tactical RPG available on the PSP today. Don't let the lack of a flashy, modern presentation turn you off; anyone who loves wading into deep, lovingly-crafted RPGs are truly in for a treat.

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ThanatosDMC2535d ago

I want! I cant wait for it to be out on PSN.

flyingmunky2535d ago

Yeah about that...

Do you guys suppose if I download this from PSN I can carry over my copy to the NGP when I get it? I like having physical media but its not going to be worth buying a physical copy if I can't carry it over to the NGP.

At any rate I'll be picking this game up close to release as I'm a big fan of SRPG's.

ThanatosDMC2535d ago

We cant really assume much since we dont know what would happen to PSN games when the PSP2/NGP is released. However, Sony did say they'll make PSN games available and backwards compatibility but we dont know which games would be compatible.

It'd be nice if it's all bc though.

Game0N2535d ago

apparently, gamespot thinks this game is better than killzone 3. nuff said.

Tikicobra2535d ago

Different reviewer, different standards.

schlanz2535d ago

different platform, different genre

Esena2535d ago

Different review scale. Learn how to think...

KozmoOchez2535d ago

different stuff, different something...

Scores don't matter, its the content in the review that matters

Troll-without-Bridge2535d ago

Tactics ogre has more depth, better gameplay, better story, better artstyle, better soundtrack.

Are you surprised?

KozmoOchez2534d ago

not at all...i even have killzone 3 on preorder paid off, yet im still more excited about Tactics Ogre. I only got KZ3 to play with friends and SOCOM 4 beta, but I intend to spend waayyy more time playing Tactics Ogre.

Although there was one review(that didn't have a score) where the reviewer did not like any of the changes to the game....didn't really have anything nice to say about the game and kept comparing it to the GBA version saying that this is a bad remake or something.

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Relientk772535d ago

Wow I am suprised Gamespot gave it a 9/10 and a 7.9/10 for the psone verision wtf

thats a big difference

KozmoOchez2535d ago

thats b/c the ps1 version was a garbage port...if you've been checking up on this game, its a complete overhaul

saimcheeda2535d ago

got a better score Ghost of Sparta!

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