Player Affinity: The Retirement Club: 5 Old Games You May Have Missed

Joe Button writes: "Now that this generation is well and truly in full swing, there are loads of old titles that now reside in the bargain bin in your local game store. With how obsessed the industry has become with the day one sales and marketing their games relentlessly, you could be missing out on some real hidden gems. But which ones are worth buying? It’s safe to assume that you may not have heard many details about these older titles, but fear not, I have that info right here!"

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Kalowest2863d ago

All of them are great games.

jarrod19812863d ago

i borrowed crackdown from a co worker and was suprised how much fun it was. i loved finding orbs. always wanted to play the darkness but never have. maybe someday. so many great games out now for 360 and ps3 it might never happen.

showtimefolks2863d ago

but the sequel will hopefully fix any issues and we could have a HUGE SEQUEL

what i don't understand is how will all these games fit into late 2011 and maybe we will have that enslaved situation again where 2 big games come out and one takes all the sale

plus we will see halo HD remake and a new COD in fall too

i am fully expecting a lot of delays for some major titles in to Q1 2012

RayRay362863d ago

I had to have been one of a handful of people that picked up The Darkness day one. I loved that game from the second I popped it in. It was ahead of its time. I hope that The Darkness 2 is just as good as the first. Im worried though because Starbreeze isnt developing it.

jony_dols2863d ago

Yeah I remember I picked it up Day 1 as well.

It is the only game (with the exception of Uncharted, Silent Hill 2 and Monkey Islands) in which I actually cared about the story.

Hell the scene in the orphanage where the Darkness holds you back while your looking through the glass at the events unfolding, is gaming genius.

Robearboy2863d ago

The Darkness, one of my top 5 all time great fps', I remember finding it impossible to take all the guys out on the car scene right at the beginning tho

ikral2863d ago

Darkness...will prevail...
An amazing title that is not for anyone.

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