Harmonix To Be King of Dead Music Genre?

"With Activision declaring its Guitar Hero franchise defunct, Harmonix's Rock Band series is set to become the king of the music genre. But is that worth much now?" ~ Nick Tan

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dbjj120882859d ago

Harmonix will be on its way out soon too.

lashes2ashes2859d ago

how so? dance central was a huge hit. and harmonix has shown they can make more than plastic music games

dbjj120882859d ago

Next Dance Central is supposedly being developed by Microsoft :\

Dsnyder2859d ago

Nah. Harmonix stole from GH when they made Rock Band and just added some gimmicky drums (seriously, who wants to be a drummer) and a mic (for drunk people maybe?). It is pretty weird that GH is the original music game and yet it was the first to die but if people do not want GH anymore, Rock Band will soon follow.

Ducky2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Didn't Harmonix make the first GH? So, they didn't really "steal" anything from GH.
Activision just latched onto the GH name and milked it, otherwise, Harmonix is the original dev and they're the ones who've pushed the genre forwards.

BubbleSniper2859d ago

who want to be a drummer!? how about you ask Neil Peart. noob!

dredgewalker2859d ago

I can't imagine listening to rock music without the drum beats or any music for that matter.

Jdoki2859d ago

You need a history lesson Dsnyder.

Red Octane had a guitar controller developed, and needed someone to make software for it. They asked Harmonix to make a game, due to their work on many previous music games. The result was GH1

After GH2, Activision bought Red Octane, and MTV bought Harmonix. More importantly, for Activision, they got the Guitar Hero name in the deal.

Since then Activision has been milking Guitar Hero. Red Octane never had the talent for anything other than peripherals and Activision never gave a crap about them; Harmonix were the software experts.

Th writing has been on the wall for Guitar Hero for a while now. The frequent change of developers, the decline in new ideas and innovation, and then the closure of Red Octane all pointed to Activision realising they had got the last drop of milk.

Since GH2, Rock Band has been the far superior music game.

NateNater2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

"seriously, who wants to be a drummer"

This comment angers me greatly >:(

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Sev2859d ago

Yeah really, it's been passed around like a crack-whore hooker in Detroit.

But what of the Music genre? I think the real issue was really the annual releases. You'll burn out interest of anything by stuffing it down people's throats.

samurailincoln2859d ago

Can anyone recall a good Tony Hawk game past Pro Skater 3? Madden seems to be the only franchise to sale annually with any consistency. Everything else just seems to fade gradually.

Kran2859d ago

Rockband is tonnes better than Guitar Hero. I mean, the games were called "Guitar Hero" and they started to bring other instruments into it. WHUT?

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