Crysis 2 Graphic Settings on PC Leaked

The recent leak had quite a few downloads. Gamers are also starting to post graphical comparisons between each setting. There are three different graphics settings available in the leaked build. Check them out after the jump.

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Pandamobile2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

These are still DX9 settings FYI.

Poor Facepunch, lol. There are so many guests viewing that one thread that's been up since 2 PM EST. Peaked at like 12,000 viewers due to incoming links from Reddit

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Oldsnake0072860d ago

I just watched the Intro gameplay from the leaked Pc footage and OMG does it look amazing.

ProjectVulcan2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

So a GTX 460 768mb is managing 44 frames a second in that fairly busy scene on the highest available settings for this. Resolution is 1680 x 1050. Anti aliasing appears to be on, probably 2 x MSAA although it could actually be 4 x MSAA. Its definitely enabled though which usually was a hard hitter for performance and memory intensive in the original. Even though that card only has 768mb.

Thats good performance, on drivers not yet optimised for this game. I would imagine a 1Gb GTX460 would be nearer 50 frames a second. GTX570/6950 over 60 frames a second.

I couldnt claim to know how performance sapping the game might be with everything turned on up to DX11 but going by this, it'll be very, very playable for a half decent modern machine, this is running on an inexpensive video card.

ApexHell2860d ago

ye i have 460 1GB and its around 50 frames same resolution as you.

Toman852860d ago

But you cant run a game just with a good graphicscard, you must have a nice RAM and processor.

And only thing I for now dont have a pc I can't overclock a graphiccard or something. Thats why that gameplaymovie he gets so much nice results because of the clock he have done with the processors ;)

I doubt I can get that performance on my coming rig to the summer

ProjectVulcan2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Yeah but the card is most important. You need more than a card to run the game but this game will be extremely GPU dependant if it is anything like the first two Crysis games.

As long as you have a decent triple or quad core and 3 or 4Gb of system memory then the difference between performance on a game like this will not be drastic. Not as drastic as differing GPU performance.

Crysis did not particularly stress CPU performance, it only ever used two cores. The CPU stated to be in use in this is an Intel i7 920. Clockspeeds unstated. That is still a nice CPU but its over 2 years old and no longer expensive to get equal performance to that processor at stock speeds. For example an AMD X4 965 has similar stock performance, as does a relatively cheap Intel i5 2300.

DDR3 memory cost has massively reduced too. 4Gb of DDR3 these days costs peanuts, £40/$60 for good 1600mhz.

The machine that this has been run on is by no means a monster by todays standards...

Shackdaddy8362861d ago

You can really see the difference in the water...

ABizzel12860d ago

I didn't pay attention to the water, but you can see it. The difference is in the lighting look how the light beams through the trees on the higher settings compared to the standard.

Shackdaddy8362860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Also, the fire effects are slightly different.

The smoke from the fire also looks like it gets depth between the low and medium settings.

Bounkass2860d ago

Looking good as always! Eventhough it's DX9. I've seen Crysis and Crysis Warhead better. Still impressive. Hardcore setting for me and my machine.

xtremegamerage2860d ago

I've actually nearly completed cysis. 5hours in.

Nice game, thnx for the leak btw.

Shackdaddy8362860d ago

I hope your gonna buy it after playing that much...

kaveti66162860d ago

The only reason to buy it is if EA gives some kind of promo code or other incentive for people who purchase it.

EA and Crytek shot themselves in the foot by catering to the 360 console instead of running a beta on PC earlier.

Why do PC gamers, who initially supported the hell out of Crysis with mods, have to be shoved aside for console gamers?

Shackdaddy8362860d ago

No. the reason to buy it is to support a game you like. If you dwnld the torrent, play it, and love it then you should buy it. Otherwise your just being a huge douche.

You sound like a real a-hole kaveti cus it sounds like you just dwnlded the game and dont plan to support Crytek just because they didnt make C2 an exclusive. There a company who wants to make money. Get over yourself.

kancerkid2860d ago

There was supposed to be a PC multiplayer demo. What is the difference who gets it 'first'?

Do PC gamers really feel that entitled?

They are already getting the best version, yet they still whine.

Man, all these guys in the master race sure do cry a lot.

AKS2860d ago

@kaveti6616 It sounds like you're just trying to make excuses to justify pirating games.

Megaton2860d ago

I agree with kaveti on this. There wouldn't be a Crysis 2 if PC gamers hadn't supported the original as much as they did. Crytek/EA turned their backs on them to kiss Microsoft's ring and cater to the 360 crowd.

evrfighter2860d ago

It seems to be the goto strategy nowadays. Take pc titles. Strip them of their identity, dumb them down and release them to console.

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ApexHell2860d ago

looks amaizing for dx9 on hardcore, cant wait to play final release at dx11

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