EA Responds To Crysis 2 PC Leak

Publisher EA has issued a statement in response to the gut-wrenching news that Crysis 2 was leaked online nearly five hours ago. The company says it is “deeply disappointed” over today’s events and was keen to point out the PC leak is not representative of the final build, urging fans to wait it out until March 22.

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DERKADER2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I hope this doesn't affect the Official PC demo that was announced earlier. I want to see the DX11 build of the game.

Redman222866d ago

Well I guess the won't have to release the PC demo now. haha

MintBerryCrunch2866d ago

why do they say, "fans"...its like they are indicating that those who will buy the game want to D/L it from a torrent

evrfighter2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

yup this forces a dx11 demo. I'm planning on trying out the pre-beta build however.

This is Crysis we're talking about though. Whether I play the story line or not. Anyone with a decent pc build that benchmarks will end up buying it.

Though they can kiss their sale goodbye if they launch it at a $59 price tag.

deafwing2866d ago

... and that's what it's all about.

gamingdroid2866d ago

I'm suspecting EA is drumming up business by pretending a leak... It's not exactly trivial to get an early build.

Clubptxxx2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

@evrfighter I don't think it's mandatory to pay the $59, but they're offering it as a limited edition. And guess what else? They're not launching it through Steam. Guess what else? It uses GAMESPY FOR MATCHMAKING.

This game is an absolute pass for me as a PC Gamer. Graphical Benchmarks or not, It doesn't appeal to me and I won't even torrent it. My Hard Drive deserves better games.

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Theo11302866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

The best thing EA could do right now is release the Multiplayer beta they were talking about, dx11 version. To try to get people hooked on the multiplayer, and seeing what the "real" version of crysis, to entise them to wait and buy the game. Personally, I'm going to wait, I bought a dx11 card, and I want to see crysis in all it's glory.

gamer20102866d ago

I'm buying my copy without a doubt. Crytek deserve to be paid for all their hard work.

jy_mrnd2866d ago

Me too first day buy for me!

gamingdroid2866d ago

You know, you can just send EA a check. I'm sure they will take that and you don't have to share of some of that revenue with third parties such as retailers....

ATiElite2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )


This so called leaked Torrent is the PC demo. Printing disc or using bandwidth for downloads cost money so EA has appeased the PC crowd by "THEMSELVES" or Crytek leaking their own game demo to the torrents. EA now has provided PC gamers a Demo totally free of charge to gamers at ZERO cost to EA.

Seeing how I don't frequent the torrent sites :) i was unaware it was the whole dam game plus multi-player, weights 9.33GB. LOL, I'm not gonna download 10GB, I'm in no rush for Crysis 2 Beta. If this was STALKER 2, OH BOY!

DERKADER2866d ago

@ ATiElite

The leak is the entire game not a demo.

zag2866d ago

The only demo was for the 360.

That's been the problem Crytek only wanted to release stuff for the 360 so it's their problem if they don't like it.

They didn't want to release anything for the PC demo wise or info wise the PS3 has no info about at all.

To be honest I reckon this was a 360 game and EA have forced this onto other platforms.

The Pictures look good but I think the game will be poor overall.

The previews on this game have said it's geared for a 360 controller from the start.

TABSF2866d ago

Crysis and Crysis Warhead are PC exclusives

Why the hell would Crytek a company that pushes technology want to only work on the weakest platform bar the Wii.

They went multiplatform because they felt it should of got more sales, granted it should but at the time most PC gamers did not have the hardware.

Microsoft most likely paid for the Beta like they are doing with Codename Kingdoms.

Also Crysis and Crysis Warhead were amazing games, I'm downloading this as if it was a beta or demo. Can't wait for full release, day one.

--------2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

You'll get tons of disagrees because people take offense to...well, opinion.

Crytek DESERVE every sale they get. But showing such a strong bias to the 360 (the same as COD did) early on, just pisses people off. I wanted to test this beast out on my PS3, but they didn't offer me the luxury, so where else can I try it before I buy it?

They made an amazing game and they deserve to be paid for it, I'll be purchasing it for PS3, even though they've left us COMPLETELY in the dark.

Wouldn't blame anyone for downloading the leak though, it hurts the devs, but no one's stopping you. If you had playable content before this, I doubt it would entice you so much.

I'd feel worse for them if they had already released preview content for all platforms. Like I said, they made something amazing and they deserve to be paid for it. I'm just pissed that the only way I can play it before it's full release is by downloading a leaked version, which is something I won't do - out of respect for the developers.

hennessey862866d ago

wonder why its also on consoles, pc owners dont buy games they just download them

diehardgamer10002866d ago

lol i agree,most pc gamers basically kill the pc market themselves

bumnut2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Thats right we do download games, but most do it legally.

hennessey862866d ago

ye course you do. I can honestly say ive never pirated a game, its been expensive but hey its worth it.

TABSF2866d ago

Yep I download games
All 280 games I've purchased off Steam.

I'm downloading this but don't get me wrong, just treating this as a Beta/Demo.
Will get the full release, I love Crytek games.

hennessey862866d ago

so your still going to pirate it

Are_The_MaDNess2865d ago


you don't beat my list of 360 games, hahahaha

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Xfanboy2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

even bfbc2 didn't have dx11 on the demo..

I hope crysis will!! we will see..

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Kon2866d ago

What if i download the leaked version and buy the game after?

Ducky2866d ago

It'd be like eating TacoBell before going into a five-star restaurant.
It's your life, do as you please.

Darkfocus2866d ago

ya but you'd also be waiting a month to eat at that five star restaurant :P

nskrishna22866d ago

Go right ahead, but most people who say that rarely buy the damn game.

Kon2866d ago

I will use the leaked version like a "tech demo" to see if my pc will run it at a decent framerate.

nskrishna22866d ago

Thats good, but make sure to buy the game..:)
That is, assuming the demo doesn't come out because of the leak. You can always use the demo...

blumatt2866d ago

Yeah pirates are the scum of the gaming industry. People try to justify it, but stealing is stealing, no matter how you put it. If you obtain something for free, without paying for it (and if someone is giving it to you, of course), then it is stealing/theft/pirating. You choose the word. It all means the same.

Main thing is, BUY your games, people!

nskrishna22866d ago


True true. I myself was guilty of pirating games before I found out how bad it affects the industry. Since then I've been convincing people to buy originals only. And people, please buy your games, you put food on a devs table. Real talk

Bear_Grylls2866d ago


A poor man owns a PC and has a net connection but due to circumstance cannot afford any money to buy games.

"he" pirates a game through a torrent site, plays and enjoys the game he otherwise would have gone without and never enjoyed.

Is it bad? I don't know, that's for each individual to decide... It's not like the dev's where ever going to see a sale from "him" to begin with so they have never really lost anything. I realise this doesn't and can't apply to every situation of piracy out there, but as I am getting older I am begining to feel piracy (such a hash word) has a legitmate place in society.

nskrishna22866d ago

The Human Mind, always tries to find the easiest way out. There are few people who understand what kind of effect piracy has on the industry, but most people don't think beyond their needs.

What I'm saying is, that poor man will play the game, but that guy isn't alone is he? Many people will download it, many people. My question to you, How many poor men, like you said, exist in the world?

And speaking on Crysis, he isn't so poor that his rig can run the game

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Well, just wait System Requirements lab or You to include the system requirements of Crysis 2, and you will see if your PC can run it decently.

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StbI9902866d ago

What if everyone but some download the leaked version and don't buy the game after?

Pretty much what would happen.

NateCole2866d ago

Kon hell freaking no. You will still supporting pirating.

SuicideShaun2866d ago

I'm debating it, either way I've already paid off my version of it.

zag2866d ago

well going by the law you've not paid for 1 copy of the game.

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distorted_reality2866d ago

I'm more interested in finding out exactly how it got leaked. So far i've heard that some idiot put it on the EA servers and someone just happened to notice and grab it.

Think something else is going on here tbh.

GamerSciz2866d ago

I am curious also. To get a version with the debug console means it had to come from inside. You wonder if EA will have some investigators trying to figure out who the original person to leak it is. Even though it's not representative of the full game its the full SP campaign and that is a BIG deal.

distorted_reality2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Exactly. I don't think they'd be that fussed if it was just a level or two with restricted graphics options. But the fact that it's the full game (albeit with the graphics restrictions) is a massive worry, and hopefully they'll go after whoever it was who fucked up.

zag2866d ago

usually the gold master gets copied at the production factories.

That's where the scene groups get many of their stuff from.

Would seem about the right time frame for a gold master to be processed.

Kalipekona2866d ago

Zag, that doesn't even make sense. This is an unfinished beta version that doesn't even support DX10 or DX11. So of course it isn't the finished "gold" version.

killalot1002866d ago

people should at least wait for steam sales then bootleg them. I understand if there is no demo to try it out but come on

xDaRkModEx2866d ago

ikr, since a pc demo is coming out I might as well get that then download a developer build of the full game.

nskrishna22866d ago

I think the release will get delayed.