So what does the NGP and PlayStation Suite mean for the future of Minis?

PSPminis: I’m sure that’s been on the mind of a lot of people who are interested in Minis since the NGP and PlayStation Suite were announced. The head of SCE, Kaz Hirai, addresses this in an interview recently posted on Tech On.

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alien6262863d ago

i could see this turning into the ipod/iphone app store or the android market what sony needs to do its make this open for everyone to get into it. let people make there own apps and sell them through the market.

sarshelyam2863d ago

It's sort of looking that way. This is the early signs of the AppStore all over again. It's truly a potentially HUGE endeavor and opportunity for Sony considering they're pulling a cross platform move delivering this to Droid users, and I understand the iOS team has been approached. Just imagine, PSS on Droids, iPod/Pad/Phone, PSP/PS3/NGP...domination and adoption overnight!

NiKK_4192862d ago

they should make minis different for each platform

for example, if you download it on ngp, it will have ngp resolution and use the touchschreen, and if you download it on psp it will be the same as it is now. i just hate that the minis are just a psp game that you can play on ps3. i wish it had a better resolution and better controls, say for instance, the ability to use the second analog on ps3. sorry, i just think they are too expensive and a waste of money unless yu have a psp

Vesemir2863d ago

I have no idea what it means. Stop asking complicated questions.

Masterchef20072863d ago

I really hope that the playstation suit is a huge sucess. Cause that would bring the playstation experience to all mobile devices owners. But my fav part about ti (what i want to do on the NGP) is download all the FF on the PS1, PS2 and shove them into the NGP.

nevin12863d ago

Why are the current minis so expensive?

dragonyght2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

"So what does the NGP and PlayStation Suite mean for the future of Minis?"
it mean they have a future

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