5 Books to get you in the mood for LA Noire.

IGN writes: How excited am I for L.A. Noire to come out? I would answer "so excited," except that would be the antithesis of the reaction of every cynical, too-cool-for-school noir novel star on this list. And I love noir novels so much that I fantasize about being those protagonists, even though I share exactly none of their bad-ass qualities, except perhaps that all-important healthy dose of cynicism. If you're interested in L.A. Noire -- or interested in getting interested -- these are five books that will get you in the mood.

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RememberThe3572654d ago

Books on a video game web site? Blasphemy!

Oh well, I'm gonna go back to reading The Memory Game...

Commander_TK2654d ago

Does any1 know 5 movies to get in the mood for L.A. Noire?

The Iron Sheik2654d ago

LA Confidential was the first movie I thought of when I first heard about this game. Watch is 5 times and you will be ready for LA Noire.

Quagmire2654d ago

Double Indemnity

Basically any and all Film Noir films (especially in the 40's-80's), and Mafia 2 has also set me in the right mood for this game.

GLoRyKnoT2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I sold my book store long ago so no i only game now. true

Cannot wait for more on this! looking good guys :)

ProGrasTiNation2654d ago

This article has giving me some faith back in IGN,well at least one of their editors anyway.
Reading rules if you have the imagination for it..The bourne legacy was quite good

madpuppy2654d ago

You want to get ready for LA Noire and don't want to read or watch these classics? well how about some parodies of film noir like The black bird with George Segal or If you want something that takes place in the era of LA Noire you could always watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" another great parody is "Dead men don't wear plaid" with Steve Martin.

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