Official Xbox Magazine Discounted to $9.99

"Grab a 1 Year Subscription to the Official Xbox Magazine (w/ out disk) for a low $9.99 at Amazon!

Also, through February 28, spend at least $20.00 in the Amazon Magazine Store and receive a $10.00 Credit. This offer is good on any magazine in the Magazine Store!

For instance, you can get 1 Year of the Official Xbox Magazine and 1 Year of Wired for $20 (total), and get a Free $10 Credit!"

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SactoGamer2780d ago

Is readership that bad these days that they have to discount it so much?

eggbert2780d ago

$10 for a 2-year PTOM subscription or a PC or xbox mag a few months ago.

The internet is killing the paper news industry. I only subscribe because I genuinely like reading the magazines and I collect video game paraphernelia.

blumatt2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I guess supply and demand has kicked in. You know, when demand is low and supply is high, the price goes down.

Anyway, yeah, the internet has pretty much killed demand for any print news or magazine. You can get any gaming or other news for free on the 'net.

Raven_Nomad2780d ago

I ordered it. I already have a Gameinformer subscription, I've always like XBox Magazine but never grabbed a sript till now. Good deal.

Drazz2780d ago

I just extended my current subscription, pretty good mag.

TheColbertinator2780d ago

Amazon takes longer to send them to you

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