IGN - LittleBigPlanet 2 Second Opinions

The Sackboys and Sackgirls at IGN sound off on the sequel.

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Lirky2782d ago

Zooming at the end of levels from scoreboard doesn't exist anymore u have to customily do that yourself. Plus... mini items like tiny objects u cant capture them first, then re-emit them to make them super tiny or super massive u have to switch over to lbp1 to do this...

The bright side... Lbp2 will ask that you have new content from lbp1 that was saved on that profile and it lets u update the lbp2 profile data with the things from your recent lbp1 save.

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TheLastGuardian2782d ago

There's nothing I dislike about LBP2. I'd give it a 10.

guitarded772782d ago

Fuck you IGN... fuck you in your retarded asses.

HarryMonogenis2782d ago

Looks like someone doesn't like opinions being shared...

IRetrouk2782d ago

watch this

its the new ndubz music vid made using lbp2.