Is Dragon Age 2 the end for the Dragon Age franchise?

A question often heard with video games, especially those with sequels, is "will there be any more?". When it comes to BioWare's Dragon Age, that's a question worth asking. Especially when you look into the developer's track record with franchise sequels.

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Tuxmask552442d ago

Unless DA2 fails horribly (which it won't), I don't see BioWare terminating the series.

Forbidden_Darkness2442d ago

Yeah, nor would i want it to end. I love the Dragon age series and would love it to continue. One of the best games i've played this generation.

Rainstorm812442d ago

I doubt it...IMHO...Dragon Age 2 will appeal to a far broader range of gamers and may just have the same effect Mass Effect 2 did....

egidem2442d ago

I hope Dragon Age 2 isn't the last one. I've really enjoyed the first and I look forward to more!

Urrakia342442d ago

Hopefully not because I found Dragon Age soooooooo addicting

NiteX2442d ago

Only fair it gets a 3 seeing that ME is. Hope DA2 is as good as DA1 was.

lastdual2442d ago

That might fit Bioware's track record *before EA*, but not anymore. If DA2 sells, you can bet they will pump out more (which honestly is fine with me as long as they keep up the quality).

shadowknight2032442d ago

I so still would have wanted a true sequel in which i imported my character with all my stats and weapons..that would have been even more awesome, but im still psyched for this version

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