DICE 2011 Interview: Remedy CEO on Alan Wake and Death Rally

gamrFeed's Chris M. Arnone sat down with Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne at DICE 2011 and talked about Alan Wake, DLC, and the upcoming remake of Death Rally on iOS.

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ActionBastard2867d ago

I think Alan Wake was a game hurt by 360 exclusivity. It was a good game, but the more people that could have played it (being somewhat niche), the more likely Alan Wake 2 would be getting made.

Smkt2867d ago

red dead redemption killed Alan Wake... It was retarded of MS to launch it the same day as rdr.. and i was kinnda surprised that MS wasn't advertising it as much as it does its other exclusives.

Persistantthug2867d ago

Not enough shooting in Alan Wake.....Not well received on XBOX 360.

Pixel_Enemy2867d ago

My problem with Alan Wake was the lack of variety in the game play. It was all.. Shine your flash light then shoot the bad guy over and over again. Power is out, find the generator...

ABizzel12867d ago

Alan Wake isn't the typical game for the 360 audience.

ReservoirDog3162867d ago

This last year was really* good to the western genre. Not saying they should've went toe to toe with a R* game but I don't think anyone expected a non GTA game, let alone a game set in the western times, to sell that* much.

Also SMG2 released like that same week.

And I still have to get Alan Wake.

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silvacrest2867d ago

the same could be said for heavy rain, its a niche game and it was exclusive yet it sold well, the difference with HV was the audience on the PS3

it may sound like BS but i think this is true, 360 gamers like there FPS over most other genres while the PS3 gamers are more varied

zaz122867d ago

Alan Wake 2 should go multi platform to succeed financially

Smkt2867d ago

play alan wake or watch some youtube vids before you make retarded comments like that.. alan wake had too much shooting imo.. game was still fun but it felt more like max payne with a flashlight than a horror/thriller.

ActionBastard2867d ago

I agree silvacrest. The PS audience is more accustomed to variety. Hopefully AW2 is multiplatform and is a tad more than point and shoot. Run in woods. Repeat.

showtimefolks2867d ago

AW2 should be made but what's sad is so many people missed a great game. these are my pros and cons:

this game took what 4-6 years to make
game-play is simple point flash light shoot and find generators
story was awesome
graphics are great
nice dlc
where was MS advertisement and where was word of mouth SALES come on Xbox community

we all just don't want FPS after FPS we need to support these kind of games

heavy rain for example did one million quick SHOW SUPPORT FOR GAMES OTHER THAN JUST FPS

nothing wrong with playing FPS but we do want variety not just one kind of games

Neko_Mega2867d ago

I think it would have sold better if it was on 360, PS3 and PC. Now if Alan Wake 2 comes out, it better choose its timing well.

A choose not to come out when a Call Of Duty, Gears, Halo or any other big game.

stuntman_mike2867d ago

they should of at least sold it on PC. the game would have done better.

sp1deynut2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

...since it applies here. :o

Without fail, in every article, posters prove that they:

1.) didn't bother to read the article, yet tried (in vain) to comment on it.


2.) fail so miserably at reading comprehension, that their comment(s) expose them for the idiots they truly are.

He's only talking about how early in the process they talked about and showed some of AW ; they are running a MUCH tighter operation from now on, and any news/info about AW2 won't happen until much closer to completion. In other words, they're taking the Bethesda/Skyrim approach.

@ Smkt...'s N4G. But hey, if thinking that makes you feel better, keep those blinders on. Ignorance is bliss, after all.
And, BTW, if what you propose is indeed the case...then all of those comments are SPAM/off topic/trolling... so my point still stands. They've said nothing that hasn't been said a 1000 times before, and certainly nothing that pertains to the point of this story and it's headline. :o

Smkt2867d ago

ever occur to you that maybe people are not commenting on the article but just generally discussing the game?

RememberThe3572867d ago

That last answer was a huge hint that they're working on an other big project. I can't wait to hear about it.

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