Black Ops Gameplay Video - 41 Killstreak Says Hi [$K!L]

PI writes: "Belgium member of the local Lowell area clan $K!L by the name of Tiber Clybouw came hard in this match with a destructive force that merits noting should you ever run into him in the many games he frequents (such as MAG, Black Ops, and Socom)...."

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Hitman07692473d ago

I would hate to 1 on 1 against him!

Criminal2473d ago

What's you K/D?

Mine is 1.99

evrfighter2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

My personal best was 43-1 on pc. I only played it for one week. What's sad is I would never tell my friends this because pub scores are just that. There is no skill in getting this many kills in a pub.

StanLee2473d ago

Mine is 3.09. If was as high as 3.25 but I've lost interest and now just run around doing stupid shit like using the tomahawk and ballistic knife. I have over 30000 kills and just over 9700 deaths. I don't get why this is worth posting.

KillerBBs2472d ago

It's all about the Lag of duty. Have you notice, that it is hard to kill someone with lag sometimes. This dude should of died twice. Late on the draw but came out smelling like a rose. MY k\d is 2.5 but relize its all about connection with this Crappy title.

Static-X2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

I got 71 today and a cross-map tomohawk, Can I post it on N4G too? -_-

Lol just watched it what a camper

9thGenHero2473d ago

F That, if you mess with people like that and they are in your clan that I ain't messing with YOU LOL


How the fuck did he do that!!!!!...Hmmmmm -------> Gotta go, i need to train some more b4 COD MW3 comes out.

FragMnTagM2472d ago

Dude, that is nothing special. My pals and I do that regularly. In fact, we rarely get to play a full game due to people quitting when they are getting owned like that.

Like I said, this is nothing special. My friend mat who goes by Nightmare on XBL regularly gets 60-80 kills on a game like that and sometimes not a single death.

Marked2472d ago

Nah just find out who his ISP is and buy it. My lag never seems to favor me like this dude.... mines always hit detection but I have zero packet lose.

Oh well its fun when there's nothing to care about.

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The story is too old to be commented.