Remi Kart 2 Tears Up France

The Mario Kart game in which Mario says "F*** tha' po-lice!"

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samurailincoln2839d ago

Pretty amusing. Can't believe he drove that thing into a grocery store.

dbjj120882839d ago

Crazy french bastards... License and registration sir.

insertcoin2839d ago

He should go into a turtle store and steal their... oh, that would be wrong. Then again, this IS in France, so...

LoaMcLoa2839d ago

Turtle store... If only :C

Sev2839d ago

Haha, I love the way he would throw things in the street.

MiyagiSPG2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Lol at police cop at the end, he was pissed off :D

dbjj120882839d ago

If you were a cop, wouldn't you be?

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