Music Games: What Next?

In the aftermath of Activision killing off Guitar Hero, TheSixthAxis looks at what could be next for the genre.

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NukaCola2777d ago

I kind of thought that music games would be integrated into Zune or iTunes. I always thought it was lame you couldn't save the songs to your HDD. You should be able to buy a song off Zune or iTunes and get it in RB/GH too and visa versa.

I can't see anything new honestly. Music games really came from the arcade game Frequency and have spawned into instrument based games. But currently music games are turning into games with music as a center element. Dance Central and SingStar Dance are music/dance hybrids. I am pretty excited to see the music-rail shooter mix. I loved N2O back in the day, and am looking forward to Child of Eden.

Oh and this is crazy but Rock of the Dead is a neat idea gone horribly wrong. I think they should create and adventure game with paths and choices as you rock through a story. Not just a House of the Dead ripoff, but something like getting album films like The Wall or Rocky Horror as full games instead of just DLC tracks.

KyRo2777d ago

Codemasters should bring back the MUSIC series. I know we have Reason, Fruity Loops, Cubase etc on the PC but I'd like to see what they could do with the power of the PS3. That's where my path of making music started on the good ol' PSone

UltimateSin2777d ago

I could see another Rock Band but what would be the new feature if anything. With Rock Band 3 Harmonix added the Keyboard aas a new instrument and added the new feature 'Pro-Instrument'. If RB4 were to come out it would be like RB2, a new layout and new songs. As for new music games in general, what could be next?