The Assassin’s Creed Effect: 3 Great Templar Games in 2011


"The First Templar, The Cursed Crusade, and the next Assassins Creed...

The Knights Templar provide the perfect protagonists and antagonists for our entertainment, and this year there will be three video games to feature them.

The success of the Assassin’s Creed franchise and the freshness of the original’s historic look and location during the Crusades no doubt has encouraged other developers to provide their own twist on the Templar story."

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BadCircuit2860d ago

I think that there should be more Templars around as they can be protagonists and antagonists. And they look cool :)

gaminoz2860d ago

I hope Ubi takes their time to make AC3 great and hopefully in a good setting in history.

The other two Templar games look interesting too, especially the offline co-op...there should be more games like that. I hope these are closer to AC in visuals than Dantes Inferno, I'm kind of sick of red filtered grotesque art direction in games.

Proeliator2860d ago

It's confirmed that there's another AC this year, but I doubt it's AC3... although Ubi was recruiting a TON of new people to help with the project, so who knows?

Quagmire2858d ago

My guess is its probably a PSP game.

Tex1172860d ago

The Cursed Crusade looks decent if there are some RPG elements to it.

Atlus is publishing so you know there is going to be something brilliant in the game. (if not the whole game)

Op242860d ago

The First Templar looks like shit. If you didn't see the ign preview of the game take a look.

GOODKyle2860d ago

IGN lost its credibility years ago...I wouldn't trust most game reviewers let alone IGN.

Op242860d ago

well it was a video of gameplay. I agree IGN isn't the most credible site around. But from the gameplay itself it looks plain bad. Nonresponsive controls etc. Look it up on youtube you'll see what I mean.

VonAlbrecht2860d ago

The First Templar is going to be a GREAT game, alright. Definitely gonna be a great title featuring templars.

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The story is too old to be commented.