TheBitBag: What’s Up With That? Ep. 1- Perception of a Gamer

Anthony Brown aka Naucious writes, "Have you ever wondered whats on the mind of some dev’s, gamers, and most importantly hot girls in the gaming industry? Have you wanted to know what random people think towards the gaming industry? Well Today launches the first episode of “What’s Up with That” where I take your questions and comments and get the answer that you are looking for. No matter how raunchy, ill mannered, or ridiculous it is, Naucious is the guy thats going to help deliver the questions that we as gamers need answered."

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OOG2811d ago

Its funny to see how some people look at gamers. I personally hate and love how gaming has become more mainstream. I find it has helped and hinder the industry because it brings in more people but I dont know if I can call some of these people gamers even though they play games.

RoX_TimE_BomB2811d ago

Sweet good article yo! I liked the in the streets feel to it. Keep up the good work! Will be looking forward to see some more videos from you Naucious.

PS3PWNSALL2811d ago

LOL @the ratings the women and Elmo gave gamers on sex LMAO... Elmo be getting it in! lmao

OOG2811d ago

LOL Up down left right.... ABACABB lol...

MidnytRain2810d ago

"*cough (bulls***) cough* sorry had to clear my throat a bit."

In a digital text document? Lol.

egm_hiphopgamer2810d ago

My dude naucious is getting it in with a new video show, can't wait to check it out 1luv my dude and god bless