Harmonix To Invest In Rock band Franchise, Our Dread Continues

The outfit behind Rock Band wont let go of what put food in their mouths and golden toilet paper in their bathrooms. Harmonix still believes in the music gaming genre and will continue to pump cash into the franchise, because another Rock Band Beatles tittle is what we really need.

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Passthemic2778d ago

No more, no more. I've had enough of this genre.

R2D22778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

What are you talking about.

You can never get enough of the Beatles -_-

@below - My grampa agrees with you.

NukaCola2778d ago

Beatles are awesome, but the game was a cash in for Yoko, and a complete crap tribute to the band.

Baka-akaB2777d ago

then dont frickin' play it .

Passthemic2777d ago

That's an interesting concept, I may do just that :)

Baka-akaB2777d ago

glad i could bring some enlightenment :p

Warprincess1162778d ago

Now that guitar hero is out the way, they now officially don't have any competition. So it would make sense for them to invest and take over the music genre.

George Sears2778d ago

These guys are simply going to seize the moment now that they have no grand competitor. Let the monopoly begin..

Passthemic2777d ago

exactly, I fear for our future :)

SwampCroc2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

sounds similar to EA and Madden... were talking monopoly right??? yeah...

no competition kills the fire to put out quality in my opinion....

mastershredder2777d ago

Hey, bring more with better support for pro intruments an I'm on it. I tottaly bypassed rock band and hero titles because Guitar Freaks (arcade) beat them to the punch long ago, that and playing with buttons on playschool instruments was not appealing. If they continue with the educational aspects of rockband, I can see them extending/expanding the ip.

Passthemic2777d ago

Completely agree, let hop that actually happens.

thebudgetgamer2777d ago

does anyone play beatles rock band on the ps3?

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