Dragon Age II Goes Gold, 55 Mins Of Footage

RockPaperShotgun: ""One day, in the distant future, we will have online meetings, conversations and indeed demos of games that don’t begin with. “Uh… uh… yeah… I think so, yes, just give me… Hi! I think things are working now? Can you hear me at your end? Yes? Good, great, let’s get started.”

A new walkthrough live chat trailer thing has appeared for Dragon Age II, which is out in precisely one British month. It’s a good chance to see the game running as it really runs, rather than in a smooth, rehearsed sequence. It’s narrated by Mike Laidlaw, who is great, and I think is being played on a 360, which is less so. But hey ho, it’s a remarkable 55 minutes of footage, accompanied by the silently heckling crowds of chatroom onlookers. And it’s gone gold today! Which is good news, since PC Gamer’s review is already with subs."

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dc12838d ago

I have been 'Jonesing' for DA2 for quite some time.
By far 2011 is a wallet breaker!

.. I don’t feel like counting the ways.. Its both exciting and depressing.

Necro-2838d ago

i thought this was run on a pc considering you have an actual skillbar...

Blacktric2838d ago

Of course it is running on PC. You can even clearly see the mouse cursor and as you've said, the skillbar clearly. Console versions have radial menu. Not a skillbar. I mean this is pretty embarrasing, considering a writer, working at an RPG related website, saying something silly like this.

MisterNine2838d ago

Not interested. This will be nothing like DA: Origins. It's like Mass Effect with swords. Your character creation options will be limited to class, gender, face. Always human. Always the same background.

Blacktric2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )


Were you one of the guys who were crying about how Fallout 3 will be Oblivion with guns back in the day, by any chance?

Bebedora2838d ago

I found 'cassius' or what he was called very familiar. Almost like a son of Cailen. (Names may be some what miss spelled).

Oh well. I have goose bums. Bring it on! Bioware, we are not worthy!

Karlnag32838d ago

You sick bastard! How could you chop the rear ends off of those poor birds?!

Bebedora2835d ago

Uh, someone had them for dinner the day before.