Bulletstorm: Tanya Jessen Interview - Game Revolution

How did Geometry Wars influence a FPS and why is the evil general so racist? Tanya explains all this and more in our latest interview.

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dbjj120882776d ago

Really wondering what reviews will say of this game soon....

Sev2776d ago

Agreed. A lot of controversy and hype in such a short amount of time. It has a lot of expectations to live up to.

Koolaye2776d ago

The XBL demo was fun, but the level quickly became repetitive. I hope the game has a lot more to offer or else I can see it collecting dust real fast.

CraftyGaz2776d ago

I wasnt impressed with the demo for this one hopefully gears 3 will be better. also i cant stand cliffyb he comes across as a massive douch.