How do you solve a problem like Japan?

It is not on the surface that we find the defining component of a truly Japanese title. Cultural identity is not always as brazen as Call of Duty would lead you to believe. How many games have Britain made that could be called typically British? Definition is in the eye of the beholder, and Japanese games mean different things to different people.

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MariaHelFutura2777d ago

Silly....Japan doesn`t have a problem. Japanese games have been great this generation.

Eiffel2776d ago

Ehhhhh....*shakes hand sideways*

Rikitatsu2776d ago

People should read it instead of commenting from the title only.

Anarki2776d ago

I disagree, the Japanese games have been terrible this gen, compared to last gen.. Square enix has gone way downhill. I'm hoping that FF13-VS will solve this problem though :)

ElementX2776d ago

Ha, I love that argument... So the last FF game sucked, but I have high hopes for the next one!

Redempteur2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

i love how square enix is the only one making japanese games

What about street fighter 4 , blazblue , valkyria chronicles , gran turismo 5, demon souls , bayonnetta , yakuza 3 ?

what about muramasa , no more heroes , golden sun dark dawn , heck even metal gear solid 4 or peace walker ?

It's really funny when people take the shortcut japanese games = squarenix.

IMO there is nothing wrong with japaneses games as a whole

dredgewalker2776d ago


You forgot Vanquish, which was a great game that a lot of people missed. Forget Square, they're dead to me because of Wada's stupidity. The only Japanese games I have a problem with are the ones which were "westernized".

-Alpha2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Gotta agree with Anarki. Japanese devs don't get the level of support they do this gen. It sucks too. And successful games like Valkyria Chronicles gets under-supported that they just quit making games on the Platform. It's just harder for them this gen.

I want more Japanese games, there is a lack of them, but there most definitely are some exceptional titles out there at the moment. I just wish they'd get more attention but all the focus this gen is on graphics and shooters, two of the things Japanese games don't really do well (at least here in NA)

This is the issue IMO: Current gen hardware.

Japanese games flourish on the handhelds this gen, but the consoles just can't produce the same quality as before. Japan doesn't have a problem in reality because there are tons of successful Japanese games-- but most are on handhelds and people tend to overlook those.

I'm talking about JRPGs here specifically, but there are some very great titles like Flower, TLG, Demon's Souls, Valkyria, etc. Problem is that even with this considered there is a distinct lack in comparison to last gen and how other genres, mainly shooters and American games, have flourished.

It's just too bad that the track record has been sort of flip-floppy this gen.

Redempteur2776d ago

@alpha male
Flower is made by an american studio ( that game company) with a game designer born at shangai . not exacly a Jrpg ( flower is not even a rpg )

i didn't not forgot vanquish , i just couldn't put every good japanese game this gen IMO , my list would have been quite longer ( xenoblade , inazuma eleven , ouendan/EBA, tales of vesperia, ultimate ninja storm 2 , resonance of fate.. )..SEE ? i could go on for hours ..

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SactoGamer2777d ago

That's a fairly disturbing photograph.

R2D22777d ago

How do you solve a problem like Japan?

Send Kanye West and Lady Gaga to Japan and they will see how stupid they look when they dress like tards in public.

George Sears2777d ago

Like the author wrote, Japan is indeed in recovery mode. They just don't know who to catter anymore. They tend to create such great games infused with ideals and cultural principals from there nation and at the same time mingle about with western philosophy and they do blend epic-ly together, but they don't have many studios that can offer such talent.

His example of Valkyria Chronicles is just the most perfect example from what is wrong with Japan's industry.

Downtown boogey2776d ago

I reckon the issue is derived from the sense of hierarchy that is still quite prevalent over there.

A great video game is a product of a great team, even more so these days when making games simply demands a pretty big bunch of people... Japanese haven't kept up with that fact and the still don't embrace a more mutual effort, a more democratic procedure for making these games.

Godmars2902777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Don't rush a new console gen with high production costs and graphical demands which are actually limiting to some degrees, while at the same time demanding games.

Know I'll be called a Sony fanboy, but it was MS looking for market share plus the incompleteness of the UE3 which many devs are still reliant on, that not only showed weak links in Japanese gaming armor, but broke them. Caused them to run to handhelds to make their PS2-level games.

There's also loli/moe thing, but that's a whole nother bag of worms.

And while I'm sure people are point out Lost Odyssey and Valkyria Chronicles, try taking a look at exactly what happened with them. The maker of one has now done a Wii title claiming it may be his last because of earlier production issues on an HD console, poor sales, while the has fans wonder why later entries in its series keep popping up on a handheld.

This console gen is messed up, and it was a needless level of competition that did it.

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