Will Star Wars: The Old Republic Mark BioWare's First Major Failure?

The Old Republic was announced with a sort of trailer fanfare that blew gamers and Star Wars fans alike on just about every level imaginable. With multiple Sith emerging from a crashed Republic dropship, dozens of Jedi slamming into a massive sprawling melee and a female bounty hunter complete with a jet pack and the ability to spit pillars of flame into unsuspecting foes, it's hard to imagine if what BioWare could have added to the teaser, save for making a feature length movie.

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Hardedge2860d ago

I certainly hope not. It would blow if this game sunk.

JDouglasGU2860d ago

anything entering WoW's domain is going to have a tough time.

guitarded772860d ago

@ JDouglasGU
Normally I would agree, but we're talking Star Wars here. As long as the game is "decent", people will overlook any small flaws because it's set in the Star Wars Universe.

mephman2860d ago


I'm not entirely sure about this, but weren't there a ton of complaints about Galaxies?

guitarded772860d ago

@ mephman
I'm not saying it's 100% certain to be a hit... just as long as they don't pull a FFXIV they should be okay. Plus, Bioware's been on a roll lately. It's got a good chance to be great, but even if it's mediocre it will sell well. I'm not a MMO player, but I'll probably be picking this game up.

Selyah2860d ago

I wouldn't have thought so just on the number of people who are probably interested in it from the start

ShawnCollier2860d ago

Should be interesting to see how things turn out.

Darkfiber2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I don't think it'll fail as bad as some people think it will, but I don't think it'll succeed as much as some people think it will either. Overall, it'll probably be somewhat enjoyable but underwhelming. It'll have around a million subs for a year and a half then slow down to about 750k and stay there for a few years.

They are talking this game up so much that it will never live up to the hype of being a Bioware game or a Star Wars game. People will enjoy it but it's not going to WoW anyone...pun intended.

Its biggest failing will also be its biggest draw: the fully voiced story. This will intrigue single-player RPG fans, but wont make them stay with the game for years. This will deter a lot of MMO fans who don't give a crap about story and only care about grinding to level cap and getting loot. A month or two after the game's release, no one will give a crap about story and the game will have to stand on its own merits of gameplay and content, which will undoubtedly be lacking since the vast majority of their content is in the story, and accessed through replaying different classes (or even the same class!). They even said the crux of their "end game content" will consist of rerolling to experience different storylines. They are treating this game like a single-player RPG but they are going to charge a monthly fee to play it. This will not work.