The $484 Gaming PC That Plays It All

GN writes, "Nothing quite matches up to the feeling grafted from tearing (already damaged) shipping boxes to shreds; the gain is multiplied significantly when those boxes house the newest, most affordable computer hardware currently available. If you missed our December budget build, you're in luck: this is the best one yet."

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Pandamobile2860d ago

Damn fine build for <$500

y0haN2860d ago

Sure but I'd spend the extra cash and get an Athlon X4 for that cost, X3s are really underwhelming in some games.

EyeContact2860d ago

for my first build i had an Athlon x4. it's a great choice, best buy for your buck. you can up the voltage with good air cooling and get stable 3.8 ghz.

5830, idk...not sure if ur going to max out Battlefield 3 with that

Bigpappy2860d ago

The you still need a copy of windows7. so the real price is about $750

Pandamobile2859d ago

Windows 7 does not cost $266...

I got mine for $80

RankFTW2859d ago

I got a Phenom 2 x2 BE 555 for £60 last month then unlocked the 2 extra cores and overclocked it to 4Ghz, not bad if you ask me.

Darkfiber2859d ago

Who the hell pays retail for Windows?

MRMagoo1232859d ago

who the hell pays at all for windows lol, the pc is fine but it wont "play them all" well.

vickers5002858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

"Who the hell pays retail for Windows?"

People that don't want to take the risk of downloading a pirated copy that's injected with some virus or type of spyware.

I've used like 6-8 downloaded copies of XP in my life on multiple machines, and half those either had some malware/spyware/viruses in it and the other half usually was missing some key component(s) that made certain things run improperly. Then you have to always keep up with the latest updates and make sure to not update and wait for a patched update to come out as MS usually finds out a way to lock you out of your pirated OS by installing some update to windows genuine advantage or makes you download it or some other BS.

I'm sure it's manageable, but it's not worth it. It's much easier and safer to just go ahead and buy it.

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ATiElite2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Nice build but i would change two important things.

1. HD 5830 is trash, I'm a AMD fanboy and I would never recommend this card, runs hot, suck watts, and is an under-achiever. I would go for the EVGA 460 GTX 1gb that you can get for $139 after $20 rebate and this card out performs a Hd 5830 EASILY. Plus you can over clock it close to 470 GTx performance levels.
it runs cool, quiet, and efficient.

2. The PSu is the most important part to your system. a cheap PSU will cause your rig to perform horribly and may fry your mobo and cpu maybe more so on that note I would go with the Antec tru power 750 watt 80 GOLD rated (87% efficient at 100% load) unlike the Rosewill which has no rating, is a low quality PSu, and probably is a bad performer.

not too happy with the case but that's personnel preference. I've seen PC's w/ no case sitting on rubber mats.

Lelldorianx2860d ago

Awesome, thanks for providing such great feedback. I almost went with the 5770, but I ended up opting for the 5830 primarily because of the memory interface / stream processors.

I do like your 460 link, though. I'll keep it in mind for the next one.


cliffbo2859d ago

it does not play ps3 or 360 games so the title needs

Silly Mammo2859d ago

@cliffbo- What do ya mean? The PC plays alot of the Xbox "exclusives". ;o)

nsky1712859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I built and upgrade my share of PC for quite a while. And in most cases you can reused many parts from the old PC. But if you reused any main parts then it's really consider a upgrade. But to call this an Budget GAMING PC and not add in the cost of a any MOUSE/keyboard, the windows OS, and SPEAKERS/ HEAD set is not fully correct. They might as well call this a Gaming upgrade.

Your Pc is nothing without an OS, so that cost should be added in at least $75-100.

You will need at least an somewhat ok gaming mouse for a gaming PC. At least $35 perhaps a nice mouse pad too. $3

A ok Keyboard ,$7 to $10

If you're Gaming you will want good speakers, at least $50, or good headsets at least $30, will you need a mic for chatting too?

Now your Monitor I can understand that you don't have to upgrade and can be reuse for this new system. But that's only if your old monitor is not too old.

So with just those require things added in, it'll be at least $170 more. With that added in, it will finally be consider Budget GAMING PC.

Without those it's just a upgrade, because you are removing thing from your old computer and reusing it on the new one, making the old computer nolonger operable alone. (example, how will people going to use your old computer if you take away the keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor.) Of course you CAN use it by adding a splitter switch to share all those things but it's for 1 user at a time, not 2 . But what's the point for that, the new gaming pc should be better than your old, so there's no point in using it any more if you're the only one using those PC.

But if don't mind waiting for sales, and specials, you can definitely get a fully Budget Gaming PC for under $500 that includes Os, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.

ATiElite2859d ago

None of what you listed is necessary for this "Budget PC". The whole point of this is to make a Gaming PC under $500 bucks.

you can hook the PC to the TV
any $20 KB/M mouse combo pack will work (mouse pads are free if you know where to look)
No need for speakers cause it's connected to the TV, No need for headsets either.
just use your old OS from your old PC, people do it all the time.

But if you wanna do it your way then just go to a store and get a $350 PC off the shelf that comes with a monitor then buy a $150 GPU and a $20 headset.

AmazingBrian2859d ago

You don't know what you're talking about at all. The only thing you listed that they would need is an os. Most people already have a monitor/keyboard/mouse/speaker s. Also, you don't need $50 speakers. $10-$20 speakers do the trick. You're saying its an upgrade when you're getting an entire tower? That's the computer right there, no upgrade.

nsky1712859d ago

it's may not be necessary for a "budget Pc" but for a "Budget GAMING PC" it is. You don't do a Half Donkey job of building a Gaming Pc for a Customer to not quote in the price of a good gaming mouse/keyboard.

The reusing of OS and any other parts from there OLD PC depends from person to person. Most have old windows xp, no CDs, etc. Yes you can use their same serial number on another windows CD that's the same editions as theirs for the new gaming PC but,where are they going to get that window CD if they don't have it around. Download it? Torrent? News group, MIRC? LOL . If they have windows xp, would they want to upgrade to windows 7? I mean might as well. You can use a student email and get a huge discount.

Also what if they don't have a LCD TV, just CRT. should they use s-video? what if their TV is not in their room but in the living room.

So with just that it's about at least $100 added to the total.

I understand there are those that can reused their Current OS and current K/M, and anything else that they might have, but lets not forget there are those that have old junk too.

Each Built is Case by Case, but if you are going to give a basic Quote then OS and K/M is a must.

there are ones that can reuse their old CASE, old Ram , old power supply, old Harddrive. etc. it's all case by case. If you deduct those cost then it will be even cheaper.

My way is not "go to a store and get a $350 PC off the shelf that comes with a monitor then buy a $150 GPU and a $20 headset"

My way will be more of a buy/sale/rebate/ deals/ CPU and motherboard combos/ AMD x2 unlock to x4, etc.

tdogchristy902860d ago

So question? Ive been out of the pc market for awhile and have never been very hardcore. I enjoyed my days of diablo, starcraft, and star wars galaxies. But when it comes to things like Crysis I just never jumped in. I'm just not a pc guy, but with things like diablo 3 and battlefield 3 around the corner, i want to jump back in lol. would this article/rig do a noob like me any good?

Pandamobile2860d ago

This rig will more than likely play BF3, but how well it will play it, only time will tell.

Xfanboy2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

5830 probably won't maxout bf3 with dx11 I say at least spend an extra $100 & get a gtx 560..

also a
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
$650 system would be better to be honest if your hardcore gaming!

tdogchristy902860d ago

So for an extra $150ish, is that a pre-built system from a site? Again I'm a noob in pc gaming but with all the great stuff coming out I am considering it. So thanks for all the advice.

Sarcasm2860d ago

Agreed, I would definitely cough up more for a GTX 560 instead.

And for gaming, honestly the Athlon Series is just as good as the phenom. An Athlon X4 640 overclocked to 3.4ghz would be more than enough for today's games. L3 cache doesn't make that big of a difference for AMD chips.

AzaziL2859d ago

If ya worried about BF3, spend a little more for a motherboard with 2x 16x PCI slots and get another 5830 to xfire when the game comes out.

TOSgamer2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )


No you can do better for $500 IF you are patient and willing to shop around. This guy just added a bunch of stuff from Newegg's site. The gpu you can get a gtx 460 768mb for $90 after rebates. Which performs just as well if not better then a 5830. I've also seen 5850's for around $150AR. The cpu and MB are not bad but can probably find a better combo deal for $140. The ram is overpriced. You get get 4gb of ddr3 for around $30 after rebate these days. The power supply is crap for $60. Get a XFX or Antec for around the same. Case is not bad for the price I have one. Does the job but is a bit flimsy.

Or if you are lazy just grab this kit from tigerdirect.

Add a mid level video card of your choice and you should be ok.

RedSky2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )


Building a PC from scratch is always far cheaper and I would highly recommend it. It's also not particularly difficult if you do some research beforehand and read the manual while assembling.

As far as the build recommended, you could do way better. The choice for graphics card is particularly odd, it's a last generation model. You'd be better off with the GTX 460 or ideally to push for the 560 Ti. For CPUs also, once Intel fixes its issues with its new Sandy Bridge CPUs, they'd be the way to go if you want to avoid having to buy a new motherboard next time you upgrade.

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Motorola2860d ago

The only thing that I feel is needed is more RAM. 6 - 12 GB is sufficient...for me anyway

ugabugaz2860d ago

Really, what do you do with that much ram? I have 4GB and I've only ever reached 95 % usage, and it wasn't with a game.

Sarcasm2860d ago

Agreed, 4gb is more than enough for GAMES.

However, if people do a lot of editing and rendering like with Photoshop, 6gb or more would be nice to have.

I have 6gb myself and only found it not being enough for Photoshop's extremely large photos. But I never really felt the need to get anymore.

distorted_reality2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )


Not really needed for the level of gaming that GPU will be able to handle. It's a well balanced system as is.


I'm running 8gbs more for music and video production than gaming, will probably chuck another 8 in at some point.

ugabugaz2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I see. Maya and AutoCad really are the only things that use a ton of ram on my system. At the moment I'm using 2.36/4.00GB

ProjectVulcan2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Yeah it depends what you are doing. I have 6GB triple channel, Win 7 idles approx 1.1-1.5GB with AV, couple bits and bobs etc. Most games do not use more than 2GB system memory. I have seen STALKER use 2.2GB of system RAM, which is probably the most i have ever seen any game use personally. I think the most memory i have ever seen used total is still less than 4GB. It is really more than enough for a build of this type in my opinion.

Motorola2860d ago

thats why i added "for me" at the end of the comment. I do alot of crap on my computer at once

Ninjews2860d ago

and on 7 after 5 gb, the rest of the ram just goes to the video card. In actuality you don't need more than 4 gb.

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ProjectVulcan2860d ago

Depends......If you manage to unlock it to a quad core on the right board then its actually a bargain.

Although it is lacking in the cache department. It would be the component i would upgrade over the quoted specs alongside the HDD if i had more money to spend over this budget.

ATiElite2860d ago

Totally DISAGREE. The AMD Athlon "Rana" platform is a solid performer even though it lacks Level 3 cache it makes up for it with efficiency. a 3 core CPU for $80 bucks is a bargin.

Add a Asrock or Biostar mobo and unlock the 3 core to a 4 core. You just can't beat this at this price.

thebudgetgamer2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )


but how well will it run games?

high, medium settings?

eggbert2860d ago

depends on what game. Just look at the specs and see if it matches the recommended settings. If it matches recommended or exceeds it, you can get high/ultra high settings.

If it meets minimum, you can run it low, and maybe medium. A lot of games have auto-detect settings nowadays anyways.

MisfitSmurf2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

High, my old rig had a 5670 and was able to do so at around 30fps, not sure with that CPU though.

ProjectVulcan2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

It would run most games with maximum settings and anti aliasing, resolutions up to about 1920 x 1080 but i think the perfect res for this system would be about 1680 x 1050.

Only a handful of current titles would particularly hurt it, Crysis of course, Metro 2033, GTA4. A few DX11 titles. Generally in the minority. You are still talking about settings at the upper end of the scale even for these games, very good looking titles. Well beyond console fidelity.

thebudgetgamer2860d ago

if figure i buy this then slowly upgrade it to a power house.