Achievements Let Players Get More Out of Games [GameFront]

A couple weeks back, Nintendo’s Bill Trinen spoke with Kotaku at length about Achievements, and why the company doesn’t really go with them. Nintendo has left achievements off most of its games — Wii Sports Resort had something like it back in 2008, but that’s about it — and while Trinen said the company isn’t opposed to the system of meaningless digital accolades, he did kind of disparage it in the interview.

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pcz2661d ago

its a con! back in the 'old skool' achievements were an integral part of the game, not just something dumped on to add lastability as they are today.

for example, in goldeneye on n64, you would unlock motes by completing tasks... that was how companies added lastability. you perform certain tasks to unlock modes/cheats that actually are fun and useful.

nowadays they dont do that (not often anyway,) they add these achievements that add absolutely nothing to the game, the only point i can see in them is trying to con players into registering onto the online service. so you think you are actually part of an online community, but you arent- you are just being duped into registering your game online and subscribing to services!

achievements are the biggest con (and biggest step backwards) in gaming this generation! on facebook i always see updates of achievements my friends have made on certain games, and i think 'what a waste of time.' doing all these achievements for no ingame reward, only some 'kudos' that is actually worthless.