PSN!: Two Worlds II review

Reality Pumps makes a great sequel but delivers a very poor conversion to PlayStation 3.

Optimization defects that finally affect seriously to the playability of the game.

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Tex1172660d ago

If you can find it cheap, pick it up. If not, wait for Dragon Age 2.

Really, that's some solid advice right there.

Legion2660d ago

Once again google translate is here to help bring down the quality articles that might actually be out there...

"so we strongly recommend that you empapéis in the history of the first part, either playing it or , failing that, reading the reviews for that swarm the Net."

What does that even mean???

It felt like a game trying to figure out what this article was trying to say. They complain in part that they rushed through the game to get to the end and did only the main story line with only 15 hours to show for it. Why did you rush through and only do the main story line then...???

I have 30+ hours on the game so far and am only just now about to finish the first chapter of the game.

Game has it's issues here and there... but over all it is very enjoyable.

jarrod19812660d ago

google translate is horrible. i dont even click on them anymore. such a horrible job of translating.

Remdih2660d ago

I really don´t get it... I don´t have almost no problems that are mentioned.. Aside from slowdowns in higly populated area, I had no freeze, no texture pop up, I have short load times... What they say is very strange... I´ve played for several hours now...