In Soviet Russia, Dolls Stack YOU! Stacking Review | Gamer Reaction

If you asked any regular old gamer if they thought an adventure in a world of Russian nesting dolls was a recipe for success, they’d probably blink a couple times and stare at you, mouth slightly agape. Then again, thats why we have people who come up with that sort of idea in the first place and then have the means and wherewithal to pull it off. That’s why we have people like Lee Petty at Double Fine, making games for us. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to spend 6 hours yesterday, playing Double Fine’s newest arcade release, Stacking.

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jivah2864d ago


think the game is pretty good . alot better than i expected

DelbertGrady2864d ago


I'm going to pick it up tonight. Love Tim Schafer games.

TrickishDcnc2864d ago

I got this yesterday and love it :) and i also loved costume quest aswell both great games by Double Fine

Grlpants2862d ago

If you guys love Tim Schaefer then you could check out our video to him: