PS Blog: Dragon Age II Looks Better, Hits Harder

There must be something wrong with me. Despite the fact that Dragon Age: Origins, Bioware’s first ever PS3 game, scored very well with reviewers – it just didn’t click for me. I loved the universe, enjoyed the story. I even got hooked on the associated web game Dragon Age: Journeys, which allows you to unlock special items in the PS3 version of Origins. I just never adapted to the battle system, and eventually abandoned the game.

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Blacktric2860d ago

And according to Rubenstein, judging by the demo, it runs a lot better too.

RememberThe3572860d ago

I can't wait for this game. It looks like they improved on everything I didn't like about the first, which was very little.

N311V2860d ago

Yeah, I didn't finish origins because the combat got boring but this sounds great. Going to have to get the first one again so I can finish it and carry over my save.

gorebago2860d ago

I loved the first game since it played alot like KOTOR one of my favorite games.

Sarcasm2860d ago

Some people are saying its consolized. This is one of the few times I agree and honestly, thankfully it is. I'm sorry, right click attack and wait gets boring.

Tex1172860d ago

Already pre-ordered.

So many good games coming out in 2011.