5pb. Planning PS3 Titles

Andriasang: Longtime Xbox 360 supporter also appears to hint at NGP plans.

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pedrami912536d ago

Their track track shows lots of Japanese Visual Novels, a couple of Bullet hell games and one 2D fighting game.

Of all the VN developers out there, 5pb. is on of the better ones.

pedrami912536d ago

i meant to say "track record"

man, do i suck at typing on a keyboard.

Biggest2536d ago

As opposed to typing on a. . . Heart shaped pizza? lol

I looked up some of their work that you spoke of. It looks at least promising. I hope something worthwhile comes from this.

Godmars2902536d ago

lol, you're not the only one ;p

But like I said, let's see what they deliver.

MaxXAttaxX2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Who's 5pb.???

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truehunter2536d ago

Theres no point, it wont hit outside region.

Chaoshead2535d ago

sorry guys,i watched the live,he didn't said about it

jin115(the source) always post fake news