North American box art revealed for Prince of Persia Trilogy HD

The North American box art for the upcoming retail release of Prince of Persia Trilogy HD on the Playstation 3 has been revealed.

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slinky1234562534d ago

So glad its coming to retail, downloading it takes to much space. Im picking it up day 1 now.

crxss2534d ago

eBay'd the overseas one. I like this box art but you can still make out the prince's ugly face from that terrible Forgotten Sands game. Old Trilogy owns.

showtimefolks2534d ago

don't expect anything new its just barley HD i feel like or maybe these games are so old that they look kind of ugly in HD

but great games though

can't waite to get ico/sotc in hd along with beyond good and evil

any new or MGS hd collection or jak HD collection

Mr_Shuttlezworth2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I dont know if you guys are aware but Splinter Cell collection, Tomb Raider trilogy and Prince of Persia trilogy will all be releasing on March 22nd.

Personally i think they should have spread this out, but as a trophy whore i will be platinuming all of these! muhwhahahahaha

DarkBlood2534d ago

tomb raider as well o.o? damn i got more then 9 games im getting in march plus the 3DS lol good thing its tax season in march

DarkBlood2534d ago

i like the boxart for the canada/america release

SSKILLZ2534d ago

Win! Time to plat this baby

Orionsangel2534d ago

Now you can watch the Prince go from GQ to Emo in one game.

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